Israel is not just looking to expand on its own settlements but also take over parts of the Jordan Valley, crucial for Palestinian agriculture.


Say his name. Ahmed Erakat. 

On his way to pick up his mother and sister from the salon before his sister’s wedding, Ahmed was murdered by Israeli forces at the Container Military Checkpoint, and left to bleed out and die.

It should be mentioned that Ahmed’s wedding was supposed to take place next week.

Another heartbreaking tragedy that no family should ever have to experience. Unfortunately, this is the daily norm for Palestinians. When will enough be enough?





A one-sided Israeli foreign policy is a shame for Germany

Our responsibility includes (not!) The security of Israel


Maas-los overrated

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


In view of the impending annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank, the “Auschwitz Minister” in Israel is trying not to attack and not to go wrong with his tentative criticism of the announced breach of international law by the Netanyahu government, which could only be happy about this diligence. As a precaution, no photo ops and no press conferences were scheduled for which he would meet the “Auschwitz Minister” with his Germany Star of David friendship mask, although he could be sure that Germany would be reluctant to criticize, and neither in the case of annexation nor sanctions nor recognition of the State of Palestine would be expected.

Has the “Jewish apartheid regime” ever adhered to “international law”?

The “Auschwitz Minister” only ventured out of cover with the plea that an annexation was not compatible with international law. Has the Jewish apartheid regime ever adhered to “international law”? Even when he made his first visit to Netanyahu, the petty foreign minister had spoken to neither the Palestinians nor the illegal construction of Jewish settlements. What can you expect from a minister who went into politics “because of Auschwitz”? Instead of taking Auschwitz to heart as a warning and taking action against every injustice and protest, it actually inspired him to forgive the “Jewish occupier friends” and even to reinforce them in their course, which violated human and international law.

The “Auschwitz Minister” even let his “Jewish friends” show him

The “Auschwitz Minister” even let his “Jewish friends” show him and had more than pretended reasons prevented him from starting his planned visit to the Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtajeh. The Netanyahu regime had decreed that if Maas went to Ramallah, he would have to quarantine the corona pandemic before he was allowed to enter Ben-Gurion Airport again – hardly for “medical” reasons. After all, diplomatic colleagues, journalists and thousands of Palestinian workers travel freely back and forth. The corona cases and infected numbers in the occupied West Bank are also significantly lower than in the “Jewish state”, where numerous school closings have already occurred due to an increase in the numbers.

Once again, “German-Jewish” relations came at the expense of the Palestinians

It was a very bad sign that the “Auschwitz Minister” had his visit agenda dictated by the Netanyahu regime and did not personally visit the Palestinian Prime Minister. Did he also have a “Germany-Palestine” mask in his luggage? Once again, the “German-Jewish” relations came at the expense of the Palestinians. And that is a shame and proves the “Maas-los” one-sided and unreliable German foreign policy. A video conference call from Amman between the rightly disappointed Palestinian Prime Minister Shtajjeh – Maas with a “German-Jordanian” mask – and the Jordanian Foreign Minister Ajman Safadi was certainly not a substitute for the visit to Ramallah, but further proof.

As Israeli newspapers like Haaretz have just reported, Maas should have blushed in the face. He made “all honor” to German politics, as he acted as “Netanyahu’s poodle”.

It is no longer enough to be “concerned”

Instead, he should have told the Netanyahu regime unequivocally that if Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency on July 1, 2020, it will no longer be enough to be “concerned” about annexation, settlement construction and international law crimes, but to act unequivocally and also in front of them sanctions that were long overdue would not shy away. The EU is not particularly squeamish when it comes to threatening sanctions against Russia, Turkey, Iran or China. If the federal government announces full-bodiedly that one is aware of the fact that Germany “is aware of its responsibility for the European Union” and also in line with Trump (!) As a slogan “wants to make Europe strong again”, then it succeeds EU foreign policy chief Borell does not determine.

Freeing of wrong holocaust policy

The EU, including Germany, should finally free itself from wrong holocaust policies that tolerate the Zionist crimes of the “Jewish state” and support them with weapons, cooperation and, among other things, with 1.4 billion euros for the EU research program Horizon. It was precisely these “grants” that made this occupation policy possible. If the EU does not finally agree on sanctions, it will remain the toothless tiger forever, so “Maas-los” overestimates its alleged values.

A one-sided Israeli foreign policy is a shame for Germany

A German foreign policy, led by Merkel and Maas from the responsibility of the past to protect Jewish life, makes politics, but one-sidedly Israeli responsibility, is a shame for Germany.

Our responsibility includes (not!) The security of Israel

Chancellor Merkel acts as usual when, in her weekly podcast, in a greeting to the American Jewish Committee (AJC), whose annual Global Forum meeting takes place for the first time virtually in Berlin because of Corona, “in the knowledge of our responsibility” indicates that “We” do not want to and cannot be neutral and stand up for democracy and human rights in Germany as well as in the world. Our responsibility also includes standing up for the security of Israel, which commands “our” rationale. “Jews should feel free and safe” and “use us” for understanding between peoples, which can only be achieved through understanding and a negotiated two-state solution ”. So much for the Chancellor, in her greeting. Not a word about German responsibility towards Palestine.

Fits seamlessly into the “Maas-los” overrated visit

This fits seamlessly into the “Maas-los” overrated visit to the “Jewish state”, if he and government officials already say in advance that the “Jewish state” will not be sanctioned and that he will not pursue politics with threats, no ” Wanted to distribute price tags ”and only wanted to get information during his visit.

Annexation day will finally force a change of policy towards the “Jewish state”

It remains an unfulfilled hope that this July 1st, the announced annexation day and the beginning of the German presidency, the EU, will finally force a change in policy towards the “Jewish state”.

The EU and its helpless “lack of strategy”

This is also where the EU’s foreign minister, Josep Borell, comes in, who must finally implement a “more robust strategy” against Israel. When is there a better opportunity for this than now? Israel’s announcement of further annexations, the unhindered construction of settlements, the shameful move of the US embassy into illegal Jerusalem, which is contrary to international law. It is no longer enough to simply hear “extreme concern” from Brussels or the UN. This testifies to helpless lack of strategy. The Zionist apartheid regime can conclude that its ruthless occupation and international law crimes are paying off internationally because the reactions to these violations of the law and taboos have no major impact. You can deduce from it.

What still has to happen before sanctions are finally implemented?

Why is any sanction policy avoided in Germany and Brussels against the “Jewish state” and its decades of illegal occupation and land-grabbing policies? What still has to happen before sanctions are finally used as an effective instrument? The “Jewish state” is occupying Palestinian land with impunity and is expelling, robbing, arresting, murdering and harassing the Palestinian population. Israel violates international law, keeps more than 2 million incarcerated in a concentration camp in Gaza following a genocide during its attacks on the helplessly attacked Gaza. Thousands of Palestinians are imprisoned in illegal administrative detention, without rights or access to lawyers or families. While murderous Jewish perpetrators are quickly released, Palestinians cannot hope for leniency, but always remain the enemies and terrorists. They are tortured and detained in inhumane conditions, including women, children and the elderly, left alone by Europe and the world. The national law already created facts that alone gave Jews all rights and disenfranchised minorities. The EU was silent even then, although it would have been reason enough to react then.

This dangerous colonial state is spreading like an octopus

The influence of the “Jewish state”, which is the “only” democracy in the Middle East and a stable bulwark to the west, is being supported by the West, the EU and the USA. This dangerous colonial state spreads like an octopus – from Africa to China to Russia. It seems that the Holocaust is paralyzing the world to find the right answer to the “Jewish apartheid state”. This is a dangerous development that certainly does not promote the understanding of democracy. On the contrary. This policy promotes “Christian-Jewish hypocrisy”, which unites in hatred of Islam. The reservations and suspicions against Muslims should make us all deeply concerned and strengthen us in the fight against racism. It’s not anti-Semitism that’s the threat today,

Negotiations with these colonial occupiers impossible

So how can you get the EU to finally take decisive action against the “Jewish state”? The Meuse announcement seems to be unsuitable for using “new impulses” to revive the talks between Israelis and Palestinians. Negotiations are not possible with these colonial occupiers and robbers. It is well known that Israel rigorously rejects a state of Palestine. Then what should be negotiated? On the “final solution” to Palestinian ethnic cleansing?

The omens are bad with the “State Reason Chancellor” and the “Auschwitz Minister”

The signs are extremely bad when Berlin, the “Auschwitz Minister” and the “State Chancellor” take over the presidency. But isn’t Germany’s claim to “special” responsibility and adhering to the impossibility of a “two-state solution” helping to ensure that there can never be a just solution for Palestine?

With obedience ahead, there must finally be an end

The EU finally has a duty here! With obedience ahead, there must finally be an end. Neither the illegal claim to a “right to exist” for this “Jewish state” may be supported, nor a German reason for the “Jewish state” is compatible with “our values”. Jewish life in Germany should be protected as well as Muslim, Christian or atheistic, which our constitution unequivocally commands. But under no circumstances should a “Jewish occupying state” be guaranteed security by Germany.


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Take the knee to show Donald Trump and the world that you will not be divided. Take the knee as a way to say once and for all that black lives do in fact matter

It’s Time for White NFL Players to Take the Knee

It’s an unmistakable gesture, one that would show that the recent anti-racist statements by white NFL players are not just talk.

The NFL season, come pandemic or revolution, will almost certainly begin this fall—and it is going to be “put up or shut up” time for the league’s white players. Here’s the reality: Many black players will be taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police violence and racial inequity. After a remarkable video made by black NFL playerscondemning the league’s tepid support for the Black Lives Matter protests, Roger Goodell said in a video statement, among other things, “We, the National Football League, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest.”

Whether Goodell made this speech to head off a players’ revolt in a league that is 70 percent black or for some other reason is an interesting query. But whatever you make of Goodell’s sincerity, there is no mistaking his intention: to admit that there should be no punitive or even rhetorical action condemning players for taking that knee in the future. Even if you are as put off as I am with Goodell’s inability to admit that Colin Kaepernick was forced out of the league and denied the ability to earn a living because of his protest, the line the NFL commissioner is drawing is clear: No longer will he cower behind the shield, caring more about Donald Trump’s Twitter finger than the demands of the league’s players to dissent.

Sure enough, Trump—always seeking an opportunity to use the NFL as his own personal racist and nationalistic football—put out a tweet saying:

Could it be even remotely possible that in Roger Goodell’s rather interesting statement of peace and reconciliation, he was intimating that it would now be O.K. for the players to KNEEL, or not to stand, for the National Anthem, thereby disrespecting our Country & our Flag?

The answer is that Goodell was more than intimating. He was giving Trump a tentative, quivering middle finger, yet a middle finger nonetheless. Now, pardon the sports mixed metaphor, the ball is in the player’s court. To put a finer point on it, it is in the white players’ court.

In 2016 and ’17 many white players made clear that they did not believe people should “disrespect the flag” during the anthem, as if that is what Kaepernick was doing. Only after Trump called the protesting players “sons of bitches” who should be kicked out of the sport did we see white players kneel, and that was done with the approval of ownership. It was staged, and it had far more to do with standing up to Trump than solidarity with black lives taken by police violence or allyship with their black teammates.

This is a far different moment. White players like Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz have made eloquent statements in support of their black teammates while recognizing their own privilege. Other white NFL players have made their own statements of solidarity. The Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars teams and coaches even marched in the protests. But the proof of the pudding is going to be whether their knees hit the ground the first time that anthem plays. No hands on shoulders, no linked arms, no raised fists, but actually taking the weight and scrutiny off their black teammates by taking a knee.

As Full Dissidence author Howard Bryant said to me, “The kneeling gesture is the spot where America comes apart, where all the post-9/11 pro-police messaging and militarism at sporting events collides with the reality of the cops and military. In no other element of our culture is there such a clear and defiant single gesture like taking a knee. Where else are we allowed the space to say we disagree with our police? Where else can we register with one gesture, dissent with the alleged ideals of this country? America is getting called out with this one gesture and they are determined to punish anyone using it.”

Take the knee, white players. That will show that this is more than just performative anti-racism, more than just tweets and Instagram statements, more than just fear of alienating your teammates. It’s time to show true allyship and demonstrate in practice that all the rhetoric about a football team’s being family isn’t bullshit. Take the knee to show Donald Trump and the world that you will not be divided. Take the knee as a way to say once and for all that black lives do in fact matter.


African-Americans in the US as well as the Palestinians in their country suffer from racism, exclusion and oppression.

A mural of George Floyd in the besieged Gaza Strip

I’m butting in!

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

After reading the “Foreign Feathers” in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung with the title “Get involved” by Felix Klein, the Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the fight against anti-Semitism, I knew that I was on the right side stand and will interfere.

Unnecessary and most abused office

In the meantime, countless excellent publications have grappled with and dismantled Klein, leaving little of this superfluous and most abused office in this republic. One of the most appropriate and best formulations seemed to me that of the chief correspondent of the DLR in the Berlin capital office, Stephan Detjen, who titled Klein as “Discursive Barrier Guard”.

What Klein does to freedom of expression exceeds everything that Germany and the German constitution stand for. Klein probably thinks that in the current corona pandemic, alleged conspiracy theories have to be used to swing around and lump everything together, the persecution of Jews in times of plague and in the Middle Ages, the “Holocaust deniers”, anti-vaccinations, right-wing extremists and Mossad to pick out just a few examples of his indictment. What does Klein want to tell us? That anti-Semitism has now become so powerful in Germany that its office is justified? When he proves exactly the opposite.

Small spread the dangerous virus of racism

In fact, right-wing extremism has become a massive problem for decades, with little attention paid to German politics and right-wing extremist murder of the government president Walter Lübcke from Kassel. What did Klein do about it? Where was he when it was only by luck that the massacre in the synagogue in Halle did not happen? Wouldn’t it have been his job to ensure that synagogues like those in Halle were protected? If he is responsible for “Jewish life”, one should ask how is Jewish life to be reconciled with an office that has much more to do with defending the “Jewish state” and its criminal occupation policy and doing nothing shrinks to defame criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism, BDS supporters and Hezbollah sympathizers, and as last happened, the philosopher, historian Achille Mbembe, wanted to “ban him” and used his government office to remove this recognized scientist from any discourse, according to the Israel lobby. One wonders, why was this completely unnecessary office created?To finally nip any legitimate criticism and opposition to the “Jewish state” forever? In fact, that seems to be his main concern, because with his “hate postings” he does exactly the opposite. There will be more and more resistance against him and his office. Unfortunately, you have to repeat it all the time: Klein scatters the dangerous virus of racism when he unconditionally supports one of the most racist countries in the world. It not only supports racism and colonialism, but also promotes the pandemic of hatred. Although he invokes cohesion in times of crisis, he does exactly the opposite with these accusations, slanders and attacks against freedom of expression. Why is he not concerned with the dangerous phenomenon that the “Jewish state” in particular is not so unconditionally supported by extreme right-wing politicians and parties like the AfD?

“The good” Jews are sent to “philosemic quarantine”

African-Americans in the US as well as the Palestinians in their country suffer from racism, exclusion and oppression. Where’s Klein’s empathy for these unsustainable conditions in Palestine and the United States? This is one more reason that Klein and his office are so unnecessary and have long since been abolished. We need, and that is not to be repeated often enough, finally we need a racism officer who does exactly what Klein fails to do: turn against everyday racism in Germany and the “Jewish occupying state”. Only then will Jewish life finally become normal. But does Klein want “normality” at all? When “the good” Jews are repeatedly sent into a “philosemic quarantine” with a matter of course that creates precisely the prejudices that mean exclusion. If the “Jewish state” incites the Palestinians, that is to be condemned most sharply, but it seems to me that Klein wants to cover up this topic by distracting from it. A more than pitiful attempt that has now turned out to be an own goal. After the attacks on Mbembe, more and more intellectuals and scientists are calling for Klein’s resignation as a symbol of the state representative of a prescribed attack on democratic rules. When it comes to “criticism of Israel”, we have to remain silent and not to interfere. After the attacks on Mbembe, more and more intellectuals and scientists are calling for Klein’s resignation as a symbol of the state representative of a prescribed attack on democratic rules. When it comes to “criticism of Israel”, we have to remain silent and not to interfere. After the attacks on Mbembe, more and more intellectuals and scientists are calling for Klein’s resignation as a symbol of the state representative of a prescribed attack on democratic rules. When it comes to “criticism of Israel”, we have to remain silent and not to interfere.

Stirrups of the Israel lobby

We are accustomed to the fact that the FAZ is once again acting as a stirrup holder in the Israel lobby with these “foreign feathers”. Every now and then an alibi article, that must be enough. In fact, it’s enough for me. As a critical “meddler”, I’m tired of being informed by various media only as I please. It is the duty of the relevant media to inform us, the consumers, about critical issues in the “Jewish state” and in illegally occupied Palestine. If Jewish and Israeli intellectuals use solidarity addresses to ensure that the fight against anti-Semitism is not achieved by depriving freedom of speech and silence on criticism of Israel, then that is an important concern. Where were the FAZ and other media to publish these calls and open letters?Aren’t these Jewish intellectuals as important as former political officials with their published calls? Isn’t that part of the “new” anti-Semitism that is still being promoted by the Federal Government’s Anti-Semitism Officer?

Redirecting diversions to specifically target Muslim offenders

Yes, Mr. Klein “everyone” counts in this fight for freedom of expression and against the virus of philosemitism, which should publicly criticize Zionist-Jewish occupation crimes. I have also noticed several times how they never “forget” to point out “anti-Semitic crimes by Arab-born perpetrators” and question their share in politically motivated crime, official statistics. It seems to me to be a diversion, how they want to draw attention to specifically Muslim perpetrators. Is that the task of an anti-Semitism officer? (1)

Icon of the “Israel Lobby”

In the same issue of FAZ, Lea Rosh, the “Chair of the Support Group for Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Germany”, was able to work for Felix Klein with an article “He is our guardian and he has to stay”. This Lea Rosh, who tries with all her might to act as “Jewish as possible” as a non-Jew, was already getting on my father’s nerves with his penetrative advocacy for the construction of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin because of him it put it, “of her totally psychopathic nature”. Especially since my father pleaded for it at the time and only wanted to agree to the construction if this memorial was to be built not only “for the European Jews” but for all groups of victims, which thanks to Lea Rosh did not come about. Ms. Rosh also has the “chutzpah”, To view the “clashes” between Israelis and Palestinians and the annexation plans of the Israeli government as critical, and wants to work to “contain” anti-Semitism as well as to relax Israeli-Palestinian relations. Ms. Rosh seems to me to be more than unsuitable for this, as she is at the forefront of one of the icons of the Israel lobby, who consistently support the “Jewish state” with vehemence. It is rather doubtful that she has ever dealt with the Palestinian or colonial suffering of the Arab or African countries, as she writes. and wants to work to “contain” anti-Semitism as well as to relax Israeli-Palestinian relations. Ms. Rosh seems to me to be more than unsuitable for this, as she is at the forefront of one of the icons of the Israel lobby, who consistently support the “Jewish state” with vehemence. It is rather doubtful that she has ever dealt with the Palestinian or colonial suffering of the Arab or African countries, as she writes. and wants to work to “contain” anti-Semitism as well as to relax Israeli-Palestinian relations. Ms. Rosh seems to me to be more than unsuitable for this, as she is at the forefront of one of the icons of the Israel lobby, who consistently support the “Jewish state” with vehemence. It is rather doubtful that she has ever dealt with the Palestinian or colonial suffering of the Arab or African countries, as she writes.

What all these protagonists lack is a look at the sad reality of racism. The injustices suffered by both African-Americans and Palestinians are unprecedented. Two brutal events last week are exemplary of this: in Minneapolis, an African-American citizen was killed by a white U.S. police officer, and at almost the same time, an unarmed, autistic young Palestinian near the old city in occupied East Jerusalem became a coward murdered by a Jewish occupation policeman. This racist brutality is stunned and should encourage all of us to “interfere” in the struggle for justice and freedom in Palestine.

When, if not now, is the right time for the BDS movement (boycott, divestment and sanctions) and the “Black Lives Matter” movement to jointly unmask the lying democracies and the ugly face that is actually hidden behind it, to expose. The importance and resilience of these two important movements, given the obvious dehumanization, is an incentive to oppose and interfere.

Power-preserving election propaganda

For more than seventy years, the Palestinians have suffered from the Jewish Zionist occupation, settler colonialism and the apartheid regime.The situation for the black Americans is almost identical, they have been and are being discriminated against, and they have been denied their constitutional right to protest against these brutal conditions. This extraordinary racism has always been present in US society and has been accepted more or less as a “normal state”. But as long as there is no broad movement that also campaigns for a reform of the police and weapons system and improves the social divide and the education system for all population groups, nothing will ever change. Certainly not with this president, who is trampling on the constitution,

Both states, the Jewish and the United States, are unwilling to tolerate peaceful protests themselves. I still remember Jewish racism in the USA too well when my Jewish host parents, concentration camp and Holocaust survivors, prohibited me from bringing a black classmate from my college home, which made me stunned and so angry that afterwards our relationship was destroyed forever. I also had experience with everyday racism in Israel shortly after 1967, coupled with arrogance, which led me to avoid this “Jewish state”.

Unwanted people in the White House

I also remember all too well the occasional solidarity of many Muslim athletes and soccer players during the “Gaza attack” genocide, which the DFB immediately banned with the threat of punitive measures. In the meantime, the times under the new DFB boss Keller seem to have changed. For me it was a déjà – vu,when there were expressions of solidarity and protests such as kneeling down against the murder of George Floyd, referring to the year 2016 when Colin Kaepernick showed the way with his knee as a symbol against racism. The entire Liverpool team under Jürgen Klopp also followed this peaceful and impressive protest. US President Trump acknowledged these protests by declaring Kaepernick an “unwanted” person, and he, the president who promoted splitting and racism, has now become a symbol of destruction. It is hoped that he, like his son-in-law Kushner, the string puller in the background, will soon become unwanted people in the White House and be punished by the voters. (2) (3)

Demonization as anti-Semites and terrorists

Thanks to courageous athletes like Kaepernick, kneeling has become a preferred means of protest in the fight to support racism everywhere, just not yet in the “Jewish state”, where Palestinians and supporters of the BDS movement are demonized as “terrorists” and “anti-Semites” . We also experience this demonization in Germany, the effects of which have serious consequences for people and organizations.

“Take your knees out of your neck”

In the past six years, more than 7,000 people with a disproportionate number of African-American citizens have been killed by US police officers, according to the US media. Black Americans are two and a half times more likely to be killed than whites. Fortunately, the brutal murder of George Floyd, as well as that of Eric Garner in 2014, was filmed. Floyd’s last desperate cry, “I can’t breathe,” has also become the battle cry of demonstrators worldwide against brutality, racism, helplessness, and injustice. It was poignant to hear the speech in Minneapolis of the well-known civil rights activist Al Sharpton, who denounced the centuries-old oppression of blacks in the USA and said, “Whites have always pressed her knees on our necks, it’s time that we get up in George’s name and say, “Take your knees off our necks.” After this impressive speech, the ceremony participants paused for exactly eight minutes and 46 seconds – that was how long the white policeman Derek Chauvin had pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck. (4) (5)

In contrast, the “Jewish state” murdered and wounded hundreds of thousands of unarmed and helpless Palestinians. We still have fresh memories of the terrible images of the “March of Return” at the illegal border to the Gaza concentration camp in 2018. In the illegally occupied West Bank and in the inhuman sealing off of Gaza, Palestinians are murdered or injured almost daily by Zionist occupation forces. They are at the mercy of the criminal arbitrariness of Jewish settlers who not only rob their land with the help of the Israeli occupying army IDF, but also defend it with murderous violence. Others are deported or their houses are demolished. With kinship and collective punishments, such as raids and curfews, they are kept away from Haram al-Sharif, depending on the occasion.

Black Live Matters and the BDS movement showed solidarity

These crimes of the Zionist occupation forces and the Jewish settlers, like the crimes of the US police, are only possible through the silence of the international community. Another reason to get involved when these fundamental rights are violently violated. So it is to be welcomed that the BDS movement has announced a statement with unwavering solidarity and support for the “Black Lives Matter” protests. The “Black Lives Matter” movement was already exemplary in 2016 when it accused the “Jewish state” of “genocide” of the Palestinians and also solidarized with the BDS movement and an end to US support for the apartheid occupation state demanded. This statement was written by more than 50 organizations and formed the vision of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. This vision should finally be followed by our government, which is committed to democracy and human rights, and to the repeatedly praised “values”. However, this cannot be assumed. Talking about it full-bodied is cheap – acting according to the “values” is the order of the day! (6)

Just as South Africa overcame apartheid and the racist system, all political movements should fight against Zionist racism, illegal occupation and brutal US oppression of black citizens. “Black Lives Matter” and the Palestinian Freedom Movements are a powerful force that we must all support together.

We get involved!



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