The following was written by me on 15 April, 1984. It was presented to His Holiness Pope John Paul ll  during his visit to Jerusalem in March of 2000.

The Nazarene

© Steve Amsel


The Passover is once again upon us and

We reflect on the years gone by;

Of the tribulations of the people

And the heroes of the ages.


The traditional feast, the Seder, has

Been with us for thousands of years.

For most it has always been a joyous meal,

But for one it became the Last Supper.


So cruel they were to you as they

Nailed you to the cross on the hill

Treating you like a common criminal

Rather than the great man that you were.


You felt no malice towards your betrayers,

Instead you asked your god to forgive them

For the crime they committed against you

And those who were close to you.



Two thousand years have passed since

That shameful day and each year

The crime is reenacted by those

Who usurp your name.



You taught love and tolerance

But most of that message is ignored.

Instead there have been wars in your name,

Something, I am sure you would oppose.



Where are your powers today, when they are

Needed to cleanse the earth of its hatred?

The very ones who slew you sanctified

Your name and continue to slay.


Is there no way you can show them

How to change their ways and to live

As you would have wanted them to

Instead of the way they are?



Great temples have been built in

Your honor on every continent

But the message is lacking

One of your basic teachings – Love.



Oh, great one that you were

You must show them the way

Before there are more, like Yourself,

Nailed to the cross for refusing to hate.


Our condolences to the families of Sri Lanka bomb attacks victims

Image by Carlos Latuff


My heart goes out to the people of Sri Lanka today because of the horrors they faced yesterday morning.
May hatred be erased from this world before it erases all of us.

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Meanwhile, in Palestine …..
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Israel bars hundreds of Palestinian Christians from traveling on Easter

In an unprecedented decision, Israeli authorities are denying hundreds of Palestinian Christians the right to travel to Jerusalem for the holiday, while barring all movement between the West Bank and Gaza.


That the majority of this country pursues a policy at the expense of democracy, human rights and the rule of law without guilt, is frightening!

Jewish Right-Wing Extremism and Bibi’s Election hit “Annexion” (annexation)

Evelyn Hecht Galinski


Those who still had doubts, should finally be better informed. “Jewish state”, Zionism and democracy are mutually exclusive. When the beginning of the Passover feast with the first Seder begins this Friday night, it would be time to liberate the country not from bread crumbs but from far-right political politicians who want nothing more than religious Zionism as the weapon of the eternal Judaization. This affects not only the oppressed and occupied Palestinians deprived of their liberty, but also the secular Jewish citizens of Israel.

Pious lie – far from equality

How can an allegedly modern and cosmopolitan state submit to Jewish laws and let itself be ruled by a rabbinate, which acts like a state authority, subjecting marriage and family law to these laws and thus justifying women in divorce or other problems? makes individuals delivered to these orthodox men.

Again and again, Islam is accused of suppressing women’s policies, but Judaism and Christianity are presented as modern and progressive towards women, which on closer inspection proves to be a pious lie. As long as women – even in Israel – can not freely decide about themselves in all respects, get exactly the same wage for equal work, ie a true equality exists, as long as we are still a long way from this equality. 

Religious Zionism, with its ultranationalist, civil law-contradictory nature, has become the powerhouse of the “Jewish state,” with the unstoppable rise of a Judaistic clique that has repeatedly made reference to the “God-chosen people.” Old Testament perspective and focused entirely on Jewish religious matters, this decades-long international law-contrary policy with increasingly ruthless annexations.

Easter and Passover as the central celebrations of the year should be a reminder to change this destructive policy. The Jewish Passover recalls that God led the Jews out of Egyptian slavery. What a scorn for the Palestinians living under decades of Israeli occupation! Although it was really time, if not by God, then at least by himself called “Christian” or “Jewish” politicians to lead the Palestinian people from the occupation. For if they were to act on the true “Judeo-Christian values,” they would never allow the criminal Israeli policy toward the Palestinian people.

Departure of the far-right camp

If there ever was a left in the “Jewish state”, then this illusion has long since dissolved. After this election and the upcoming fifth term of Netanyahu, we are witnessing a departure of the right-wing extremist camp, which can rejoice euphorically in the annexation and transfer frenzy. “Jewish state” and “Jewish people” combined in a Jewish hegemony are the ingredients that lead to a state poisoning that is second to none. Who speaks of the occupation, the occupation or the Palestinians? Educated in a Judaistic education system, which distributes Zionist brainwashing as the only truth from birth, young people are quickly becoming enthusiastic about this state policy. Therefore, it is not surprising that just so many young people have chosen the far-right parties and are enthusiastic about this ideology.A phenomenon that we are currently experiencing more and more.

Why did Netanyahu’s hate campaign attract so many young people?Because he masterfully mastered himself and his interests from the beginning. After various laws against non-Jewish citizens, the national state law was then the culmination of his perfidious one-sided policy of injustice.Palestinians became more and more lawless and withdrew more and more. It was also foreseeable that the Palestinians were boycotting the elections more and more, as they could foresee the outcome. Thanks to the liberal newspaper Haaretz, it became known that Likud had tried to use cameras to spy on Palestinian voters, prevent them from voting and intimidate them, and achieve the final delegitimization of Palestinian citizens. “Out-of-town election observers”, ie settlers and national religious.

No place in the “Jewish state” for non-Jewish citizens

However, the excitement about this blatant violation of law was limited. All this should have led to a cancellation of the election. The police department was silent and the chairman of the election commission wants to “examine” the case. Everything should get better at the next election.Nothing new in the “Jewish state”. No matter who had won, there is no place for the non-Jewish citizens in the “Jewish state”. The main thing about his electorate is the annexation of the occupied West Bank, announced by Netanyahu, as the annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights and the claim to the whole of Jerusalem as the “undivided capital” of a “Jewish state” – all in contravention of international law, but promising in that state and in this electorate, which does not respect international law.

The comparison of the blocs, from right-wing extremist to secular Zionist-secular, reveals that there are virtually no real differences, because neither of these camps stands for peace, for an end to the occupation or an end to settlements stolen Palestinian soil. All unites the “security” – same occupation policy “as a raison d’etre of this” Jewish state “armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons.

That the majority of this country pursues a policy at the expense of democracy, human rights and the rule of law without guilt, is frightening!This fateful policy is strengthened by Trump, the USA, the lethargy of the EU and above all Germany, which has learned nothing from its history.

“Total War” against the enemies of Israel

Not only the Palestinians have to reckon with increasingly bad measures, no, even the Supreme Court must expect disabilities of his work. The last government has been trying to get a so-called “overruling clause” in Parliament, which would put an end to any democratic judicial review, which would allow the Knesset to revise Supreme Court rulings, as the Supreme Court had in the past tried to from time to time object to government decisions. The next step would be Netanyahu’s attempt to prevent a corruption charge and his conviction with a tailored immunity law. This could be done with the help of a new, willing Minister of Justice. In conversation is Bezalel Smotrich of the “Union of Right-wing Parties”, an alliance of right-wing extremist factions demanding a complete annexation of all areas conquered in 1967. One of their “leaders”, the proud racist and avowed homophobe Rafi Peretz, wants the office of Minister of Education!They announced during the election campaign that they wanted to build a new Jewish temple on the Haram al-Sharif, demolish the mosques there and wage a “total war” against the enemies of Israel.

Are we not too familiar with such sentences? Said by eventual members in a coming Cabinet of horror, led by the “eternal Netanyahu”. Anyway, I get goose bumps!

Greater Israel: the country where racism flourishes

Just as Netanyahu was against “Arabs,” “leftists,” the media, and justice, it brought him the much-desired success. Without a clear opposition, he will lead the “Jewish state” further into the Zionist-racist abyss, to the taste of his disciples. He is the right-wing populist messiah, the new king of the Jews, who wants to lead his great following in the long-awaited Greater Israel, the land where racism flourishes. His uncompromising path to a lawless apartheid state will accompany us for a very long time, his right-wing extremist annexation campaign was a hit and led Bibi to success!


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Israel annexation of occupied Palestine territories: will Netanyahu decide to act on his threat?

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Support for Julian Assange is growing throughout the world.

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Democracy Now adds the following …..

And Carlos Latuff joins in …



… Most significant considering the election results …
Jewish mothers used to go into a cleaning frenzie a week or so before the Festival of Passover. All traces of leaven (chametz) had to be removed from the home before the onset of the holiday.
Modern folk have determined that dust is not chametz, so there is less madness involved in the cleaning process, but Israel has added a new dimension to the situation; Arabs must be removed as well as the leaven.
Following this report dealing with the realities of Apartheid you will find a post from the archives that I reblog every Passover eve…
Just  one of many attempts to cleanse the land of Arabs ….
Here is how Palestinians ‘celebrate’ the holiday … it’s Bibi’s Two State Solution, with one behind locked gates.
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West Bank closure goes into effect for Passover 

These 'enemies' must be locked out!

These ‘enemies’ must be locked out!



My maternal grandmother was a simple Shtetel Jew. She came from a place not much different than the small town portrayed in Fiddler on The Roof.
Traditionally the womenfolk from those areas were uneducated in matters of anything other than home making and child raising, while the menfolk studied their Holy Books for hours on end. Life was simple for them, and they themselves were basically a very simple folk.
I remember my grandmother going through the frenzie of cleaning the house this time of year…. the traditional Passover cleaning. All traces of leaven had to be removed from the home before the start of the Holiday. To her, that process included the removal of any trace of dust or smears on the window panes. The house sparkled when she was finished. Most of our non Jewish neighbours were going through the same process, but simply called it ’spring cleaning’, ridding the house of all unwanted matter, including broken furniture and junk.
I remember asking my grandmother why she was going through such a frenzie…. her answer was simple and to the point…. “If a Jew eats bread during Passover he will die!” That was what she was taught, that’s what she taught us….
In Israel today, things are not much different than life in the Shtetel when it comes to Passover preparations. But today there is a growing number of non observant Jews as well as a growing number of non Jews. This is a threat to the lifestyle of the self imposed Shtetel Jew living here today.
Christian Pilgrims from abroad, as well as local Christians are denied access to their Holy Sites. Where is the uproar against this?
Where is the uproar against the Neanderthal rabbis that have recently called for the expulsion or the genocide of the Palestinians? WHERE??? As in previous years, the Palestinians living on the ‘other side’ of the great wall of apartheid will be sealed in for the duration of the Holiday (8 days), literally making the State of Israel Arabrein for that period of time. Where is the uproar against this? WHERE???
Israel does need a cleansing… a good one; not only of bread during the Holiday season but also of hatred. Both are violations of the Holy Teachings.


We can assume that after the elections, one way or another, things will get worse than before.

Hopeless outlook on the elections on April 9 in the “Jewish state” – a nightmare

When murderous Zionist dreams come true

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


When a new parliament in the “Jewish state” is elected on April 9, 2019, Palestine faces a new nightmare of unknown magnitude. Right, right, right – is the motto, because in alliance with European right-wing populists and right-wing allies Netanyahu kept his election campaign to further power and has good chances for a fifth term – since 2009 as head of government in office. It is an election campaign of fear – against Iran, Palestinians, Islamist terror, Hamas, Hezbollah, so-called “infiltrants”, leftist media. All this creates odds. It is bad enough that the majority of Jewish citizens are attracted to Bibi’s slogans and acts contrary to international law, which quite obviously correspond to their world view. Peace was and is not their goal and does not fit into the fabricated threat situation, which is only crowned with the slogan “security”. This means: Eternal occupation and settlement, as well as expulsion and transfer.

Terrifying legality

In the meantime, even the Avoda, the Labor Party under Avi Gabbay, no longer considers the evacuation of Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine indistinguishable from any other rightwing party. (1) A frightening legal burden between Moshe Feiglin’s Zehut Party, which seeks to legalize marijuana and seek to build the “third Jewish temple” on Haram al-Sharif, advocating Palestinian transfer. (2)

This “New Right”, which was not afraid to set up candidates who openly professed as followers of the racist rabbi Kahane. Its party was banned after murderous acts of terrorism. And only by the Supreme Court was a candidate prevented, who rushed with openly racist slogans and actually did not really set himself apart from other “new rights”. All in all, an illustrious company between ultra-orthodox Shas party, United Torah Judaism, Kulanu and Yisrael Beitenu by former Secretary of War Avigdor Lieberman.

Examine the right to exist on a robbed land

So when will the so-called right of existence of the “Jewish state” on stolen and occupied Palestinian land be finally questioned? After all, the EU and also the German Federal Government are aware of the international law-abiding policy, which was timidly criticized, but without drawing any necessary conclusions and thus has no consequences. You can not ask enough questions over and over again: Why?

The “Jewish state” and its global sayanim (Israel lobbyists) have managed to build an eternal status of victim that any other victim group can only dream of. No, even if the Holocaust was an inconceivable German Nazi hate crime, it does not sanctify all means. No state has the right not to occupy a “Jewish”, a country and a people in response to any injustice caused by others. Therefore, Germany should ask itself after the election the question, whether – and again with the reference to the “special” relationship – it is still reasonable to support a radical right-wing “Jewish state”. The “German value politics” must finally be implemented, also and especially for the “Jewish state” and our “special” relations. Whenever there is talk of “Christian-Jewish values”, these are based only on the support of a state that does not respect international law or human rights, but shamelessly breaks them, with the certainty of being rewarded with impunity. Here, a rethink is required, no matter which alliance will eventually win, because for the occupied for decades Palestine can only change a bit if the occupiers are threatened with serious consequences and then implemented quickly. Sanctions would be a helpful and long overdue step. Here, a rethink is required, no matter which alliance will eventually win, because for the occupied for decades Palestine can only change a bit if the occupiers are threatened with serious consequences and then implemented quickly. Sanctions would be a helpful and long overdue step. Here, a rethink is required, no matter which alliance will eventually win, because for the occupied for decades Palestine can only change a bit if the occupiers are threatened with serious consequences and then implemented quickly. Sanctions would be a helpful and long overdue step.

Election forecasts are like weather forecasts, more than incalculable. However, we can assume that after the elections, one way or another, things will get worse than before.

Stinging as an election strategy

The Netanjahu regime’s nightmare has frustrated Palestinian-Israeli citizens so much that their turnout in 2019, unlike 2015, is likely to decline.He makes his own media policy. He condemns the allegations of corruption against him, accuses sections of the press of participating in a witch hunt against him, broadcasts from his own Likud TV studio and uses social bots as an election worker. Stinging as an election strategy. (3) (4)

Thanks to Netanyahu’s right-wing extremist polemics of inflaming the Palestinian Arab parties into a dangerous and threatening measure of security for the “Jewish state,” Hasbara, scientifically supported, has created the so-called “Unified List,” the merger of Four different parties, from secular nationalist to strictly religious, broke apart a few weeks ago after disputes over claims to power. What could have been better for Israel, Haaretz wrote, than to build a deadly hostility after the enmity between the Abbas collaborating Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which is ruling in Gaza? This kind of creeping split policy is one of the main activities of the Netanyahu regime – masterfully operated.

So if 15 percent of the Palestinian citizens of the “Jewish state”, Muslims and Christians, as descendants of those displaced by the Nakba, stay away from the elections, the right-wing extremist parties are closer to one goal, namely the sole rule of eliminating the Palestinian voters. In the past few years there were still a large number of Palestinian-Israeli voters who voted in favor of the Palestinian parties, after all, the “Unified List” could still be the third largest fraction in 2015 – a terrific achievement. However, if this faction competes in two separate groups this time, thus weakened thanks to shared votes, then the intrigue has been successful. Bibi Netanyahu has managed to use the slogan “Bibi or Tibi” to create an image of the enemy against Ahmad Tibi.

Election campaign with ideological lies

Bibi accuses his opponent Gantz of seeking an alliance with Palestinian factions, which was categorically ruled out by Benny Gantz. After all, Gantz, the former Israeli chief of staff, is a Bibi light. All of Netanyahu’s warnings against the Gantz “Blue-and-White” coalition (in Hebrew, “Kachol Lavan”) and against leftists, who denounce him as anti-state, betray the nation’s interests, are ideological lies that he spreads. Not only that Gantz and his alliance rejects any coalition with Palestinian parties, even a so-called “two-state solution” is not mentioned in the election program, but he wants the expansion of illegal international settlement construction and the claim to the eternally undivided capital of the “Jewish State “actively promote. On the right patriotic-Zionist wave, which alone is a guarantor of Jewish votes.Finally, 62.5 percent of Israel’s Jewish citizens would favor a harsher approach by Netanyahu against Gaza, which has been grounded for years.So it is not surprising that this murderous Prime Minister Netanyahu in an interview with the right-wing struggling “Israel Hayom” battlefield of the US Jewish gambling king Adelson, has made a “wise decision” in the murder of 300 Palestinians. (5) That this murderous Prime Minister, Netanyahu, in an interview with US-Israeli gambler Adelson’s right-wing struggling Israel Hayom, claims to have made a “wise decision” in the murder of 300 Palestinians. (5) That this murderous Prime Minister, Netanyahu, in an interview with US-Israeli gambler Adelson’s right-wing struggling Israel Hayom, claims to have made a “wise decision” in the murder of 300 Palestinians. (5)

These were murdered by IDF’s “most moral” Jewish “defense soldiers” and snipers at the fence to the occupied Gaza concentration camp. His regime has only one goal: deterrence; By cutting off the link between Gaza and the occupied West Bank, which has been blocked in violation of international law, the “Jewish state” succeeded in destroying all unity and in strengthening the Jewish settlements. So is his campaign pledge to understand that he would not remove a settler from the illegally occupied settlements, “not to uproot a Jew”. No, uprooting has been practiced by the Zionist regime since its founding only against the Palestinians. Likewise, Netanyahu will ensure that “we control the area west of the Jordan.” The final annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights, the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, all a breach of international law. However, it seems as if all this has been agreed upon and in line with Trump’s and Kushner’s “ultimate” peace plan, which he provocatively intends to introduce just on the 71st anniversary of the Nakba, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people, and thus the “next phase “Announces Palestinian lawlessness.Trump, the “best friend” Netanyahu and the Zionists have ever had, will not let it rip and certainly have a nightmare of other half-baked surprises ready. on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the Nakba, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people, announcing the “next phase” of Palestinian lawlessness. Trump, the “best friend” Netanyahu and the Zionists have ever had, will not let it rip and certainly have a nightmare of other half-baked surprises ready. on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the Nakba, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people, announcing the “next phase” of Palestinian lawlessness. Trump, the “best friend” Netanyahu and the Zionists have ever had, will not let it rip and certainly have a nightmare of other half-baked surprises ready.

Apartheid state of the worst kind

However, I wonder why Russian President Putin Bibi also made a campaigning present and handed him the remains of an IDF soldier missing for 37 years. So Netanyahu could still boast of his contacts with important state leaders. There is the suspicion that Trump used Netanyahu, as a messenger of secret messages between him and Putin.

Netanyahu has succeeded, despite 18 percent higher poverty rate than in other industrialized countries, despite large impoverishment of old pensioners and Holocaust survivors and despite great unpopularity in large parts of the population to show a successful balance and to score with fascist right-wing slogans and allies, in line with the Zionist raison d’etat of the final solution of the Judaization of Palestine.

The “Jewish State” is an undemocratic state with its national law “only for Jews” – an apartheid state of the worst kind. (6) In this sense, my hopeless outlook on the elections on April 9 in the “Jewish State”, my nightmare – when murderous Zionist dreams come true. Until after the elections, just before the elections.












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Around 100 members of the next Knesset will be supporters of apartheid. This has no precedent in any democracy. A hundred out of 120 legislators, an absolute of absolute majorities, one that supports maintaining the current situation, which is apartheid.

The Hadash-Balad-United Arab List is the closest to advocating a one-state solution, the only left solution

Elections 2019: Who will Israel choose?

Israel Is Voting Apartheid

There will be one certain result from Tuesday’s election: Around 100 members of the next Knesset will be supporters of apartheid. This has no precedent in any democracy. A hundred out of 120 legislators, an absolute of absolute majorities, one that supports maintaining the current situation, which is apartheid.

With such a majority, it will be possible in the next Knesset to officially declare Israel an apartheid state. With such support for apartheid and considering the durability of the occupation, no propaganda will be able to refute the simple truth: Nearly all Israelis want the apartheid to continue. In the height of chutzpah, they call this democracy, even though more than 4 million people who live alongside them and under their control have no right to vote in the election.

Of course, no one is talking about this, but in no other regime around the world is there one community next to another where the residents of one,  referred to as a West Bank settlement, have the right to vote, while the residents of the other, a Palestinian village, don’t. This is apartheid in all its splendor, whose existence nearly all the country’s Jewish citizens want to continue.

A hundred Knesset members will be elected from slates referred to as either right-wing, left-wing or centrist, but what they have in common surpasses any difference: None intend to end the occupation. The right wing proudly says so, while the center-left resorts to futile illusions to obscure the picture, listing proposals for a “regional conference” or “secure separation.” The difference between the two groupings is negligible. In unison, the right and left are singing “say yes to apartheid.”

As a result, this election is so unimportant, so far from crucial. So let’s cut the hysteria and the pathos over the outcome. Neither civil war nor even a rift is in the offing. The people are more united than ever, casting their vote for apartheid. Whatever Tuesday’s results may be, the country of the occupier will remain the country of the occupier. Nothing defines it better than all the other marginal issues, including the Zehut party’s campaign to legalize marijuana.

So there’s no reason to hold our breath over Tuesday’s results. The election is lost in advance. For the country’s Jews, it will shape the tone, the level of democracy, the rule of law, the corruption in which they live, but it won’t do a thing to change Israel’s basic essence as a colonialist country.

The far right wants the annexation of the West Bank, a step that would make permanent in law a situation that has long been permanent in practice. Such a step would present a tempting advantage. It would finally rip off Israel’s mask of democracy and might finally generate opposition both in the country and abroad.

But no person of conscience can vote for the fascist right wing, which includes people who advocate the expulsion of the Palestinians or the construction of a Third Temple on the Temple Mount, the destruction of the mosques there, or who even dream about extermination. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s allegedly more moderate Likud party wishes only to maintain the current situation, meaning undeclared apartheid.

The center-left seeks to engage in deception, with not a word about an end to the occupation from either Kahol Lavan or Labor, or even about lifting the blockade on the Gaza Strip. Benny Gantz’s party has ambitious plans for a regional conference, making history, and “deepening the process of separation from the Palestinians along with uncompromisingly maintaining … the Israeli army’s freedom of action everywhere.”

It has been a long time since such a document whitewashing the occupation has been written in all its disgrace. And the Labor Party isn’t lagging behind. The most daring step it’s proposing is a referendum on the refugee camps around Jerusalem in which only Israel’s would vote, of course.

And that comes on top of well-worn declarations about settlement blocs, Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley and a halt to settlement construction outside the blocs, meaning continuing settlement construction with full force. “Paths toward separation,” this party, the self-righteous founder of the settlement enterprise, calls it. Paths toward deception.

Peace? Withdrawal? Dismantling settlements? Don’t make the Zionist left laugh. Not much is left, two and a half tickets, the fringe: Meretz and Hadash-Ta’al, which support a two-state solution — that faltering train that has already left the station — and Balad-United Arab List, which is closest to advocating a one-state solution, the only solution left.

Vote apartheid.


Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday that he would annex illegal settlements in the occupied west bank if he wins another term in office

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Meanwhile, here’s a message from the children of Gaza ….


This is a recorded message of the international Academy Award Winner Shaun Tan in support of Gaza Children Cinema.

Over the next year, this movie and video message package will be shown to over 100 groups of children throughout Gaza. Gaza has always been a challenging environment for children, and especially so over the past two weeks, as the city has been under a sustained and brutal onslaught from across the border. In a city with around one million children, where there are no cinemas, little infrastructure, inconsistent water and power, and a military embargo limiting food, medicines and other essentials, not to mention constant military threat, a simple event like watching a movie, can be a vitally therapeutic and impactful event.


You can donate to the Gaza Children’s Cinema via THIS LINK


DesertPeace is in mourning today for the passing of my dear cousin, comrade and friend, Bud Korotzer.

Bud was, for years, an Associate of DesertPeace as well as our roaming photographer in the New York area. He participated and covered almost every demonstration there. Together with his wife Chippy (Francine), readers of this Blog were privy, first hand, to the ongoing struggles facing America today. Palestinian rights was foremost on their agenda.

Some of you might recognise this beautiful man if you are also involved in the struggle … here is a photo of him taken at a demonstration:

Bud leaves behind his loving wife Francine, a son, Ethan, a daughter, Danielle and four loving grandchildren. May they all be comforted in their grief knowing that Bud will always be remembered and loved.

Bud’s funeral will held on   

Monday, April 8, 10:30 AM 

 Greenwich Village Funeral Home

199 Bleecker Street( between 6th Avenue and McDougal Street)

          Closest train:  #1 to Houston. Walk northeast to Bleecker.

Bella Ciao dear comrade


“This sends a wider message that saying anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian things comes with consequences.”

The dismissal came as a diverse coalition of Palestinian, Jewish, immigrant and civil rights groups announced it was planning a protest on City Hall’s steps later this week.

Click on link to see the whole report

A Jewish Councilman Who Said ‘Palestine Does Not Exist’ Loses Seat on Immigration Committee


The Holocaust does not legitimize Germany to support Jewish politics by any means, but should remind us never again to defend and facilitate an inhuman policy of expulsion and occupation.

This “fence of death” to the Gaza concentration camp


German  Reason of state for a Free Palestine!

The “March of Return” as a reminder

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


Thousands of Palestinians along the border fence to the “Jewish State” have shown the international community what dignity and resistance means. It is frightening how the German press portrays this march and falsifies facts. When one reads the German editorial (D) media, one is already used to a lot of distortions, but what was reported this time to cover the first anniversary of the Great March of Return, exceeded any measure of objective reporting. Many of the articles read such that the inexperienced reader might think that it is not the Zionist occupiers but Hamas who are responsible for the blockade and misery in the Gaza concentration camp.


To support the memory of the murderous oppression


Would it not be appropriate for all those otherwise vocal in their defense of human rights to commemorate the unarmed demonstrators on the “Day of the Land” commemorating the murderous repression of Palestinian protests against illegal Israeli land seizures in Galilee each year To support 1976?


Since last year, week after week, unarmed demonstrators are calling for an end to decades of illegal occupation of Palestine and the equally illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip, as well as their legal right to return to their ancestral homeland, which is murderous and murderous by the Zionist-Jewish occupiers mercilessly punished.


This “fence of death” to the Gaza concentration camp, the illegal wall that, according to the judgment of the International Court of Justice in The Hague in 2004, contradicts international law, must finally fall like the Berlin Wall. This begs the question, why not Germany, which was celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall in such a way, does not campaign with equal vigor for the observance of the law and the implementation of the ICJ ruling, and for an end to the Zionist occupation regime? (1)


Free from “journalistic dirt”


Last Friday, just this March 30th, the “Day of the Soil”, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Daniel Brössler let the pain of the Palestinian people in a disgraceful article, as the epitome of a failed German journalism. What Brössler wrote was so inhuman and so unilaterally supporting the “Jewish state” lobbying that made me stunned and I had to wash my hands once to rid myself of this “journalistic filth”. (2)


Does this Israeli advocate really believe that one can defend international law and at the same time be a “Jewish occupying regime” that has never had international law on its agenda since its founding but has brutally persecuted its Zionist landlord and expulsion targets? No, this nuclear-armed “Jewish occupying regime” does not deserve any German support, let alone weapons aid, but only the arms embargo demanded by Amnesty International! (3)


In fact, the German government, as well as the German media, must find a new kind of politics that no longer “balances” between international law, the German raison d’être for the “Jewish state” and unrestricted solidarity.Not the “frustration over Trump or Netanyahu”, as Brössler writes, may guide Germany, but the General Human Rights and international law, and therefore must strongly condemn the violation of international law, human rights and the occupation policy by Israel. It must finally be over with the eternal Israeli blackmail because of “our past”.


Holocaust warns: never again an inhumane policy of expulsion and occupation


So it can only be repeated, the Holocaust does not legitimize Germany to support Jewish politics by any means, but should remind us never again to defend and facilitate an inhuman policy of expulsion and occupation. If German youths are sent to German concentration camps, but can not visit the largest concentration camp Gaza, then something goes wrong. It can not be that young Germans receive their important historical enlightenment about the Nazi era and the Holocaust, and in addition are marked in the lively “transfigured” exchange with the “Jewish state” in philosemitic one-sidedness, by the Nakba, the Disaster of the violent eviction of the Palestinians from their homeland, to learn nothing! This seems to me comparable to a dictatorial state doctrine, because with the concealment of facts important for the formation of opinions can not be made good, what was done to the Holocaust victims. On the contrary, it is counterproductive to set off an injustice against a new injustice.


Young Germans are not at fault with the past, but German officials and journalists have a duty to convey that objectivity that is lacking. If Jews commit injustices and crimes today, it is above all a journalistic duty to name them. One can not compare the rockets of Hamas with the highly equipped Jewish occupying army. You can not always equate occupiers and occupied people. Again and again it must be remembered that the root of all evil is the founding of the “Jewish State” in 1948, based on the Jewish rationale of expelling the indigenous Palestinian population and the occupation of all of Palestine. German State Reason for the Freedom of Palestine and no right to exist for a “Jewish State” on stolen Palestinian land!


It seems obvious that decades of brainwashing in the Israel lobby, in the guise of its German counterparts, has so successfully accomplished its work, that this philosemitic trauma has been internalized in minds and brains, for all eternity.


Anger rises when people are left alone in their hunger for dignity and freedom


It causes one’s anger to rise, as people included here, who are urging for dignity and freedom in their hunger, are left alone by the so-called “community of values”. Shame red should have all face in the face of images from the Gaza Strip. And it is inhumane to speak of a “quiet course” of the march and the “unusual mastery” of Hamas, in which four young Palestinians, three of whom were just 17 years old, who specialized in the attack of Jewish snipers More than 316 were wounded, including 86 children, 29 women, three paramedics and seven journalists. In addition, while a new weapon was tested,


Indeed, it is thanks to Hamas that despite the high participation of more than 40,000 demonstrators and the previous Zionist threat of violence, many volunteers managed to save many lives and not to be insidiously killed by the already lurking Jewish snipers by were also prevented from demonstrating. The right to peaceful demonstration is also prevented thanks to the illegal Jewish occupation. They bragged that only the Israeli air strikes, including the office of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, contributed to the “relative calm of the day,” the Times of Israel cynically reported. That is the Zionist thinking of the ruling regime, which will never change, no matter how the elections will end on April 9th.


For example, the announcement of “facilitations,” such as the opening of border crossings, the facilitation of border traffic, the extension of the fishing zone, and the permission of Qatar to send in more aid to the Gaza Strip, were changeable at any time, according to the occupying landlords and Zionist whims. Without stopping the illegal blockade and occupation, because that does not lead to the eternal Judaisierung in a “Greater Israel”!


Palestinians are not left to their sad fate!


So we should finally ask ourselves how much longer we want to support this kind of Zionist regime’s occupation policy, which is contrary to international law, with financial and military aid? How long can the international hypocritical state community close its eyes to this murderous Zionist violence against peaceful Palestinian demonstrators, and to war crimes and crimes against humanity? When will this terrible discrepancy of representation and appeal to “values” and human rights in Germany and the EU lead to finally fulfill all moral and legal obligations towards Palestine and finally impose sanctions on Israel and support the urgently needed BDS movement? We are committed to the Palestinians, who show their desperate determination weekly in Gaza to support their struggle for freedom. We should do everything we can to make sure that they do not feel forgotten by all the world and do not leave them to their sad fate.Therefore finally the German state reason for a free Palestine and the solidarity with the march of the return!







(3) -17 years -palaestinensische-jugendliche /


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This link will help put food on the table of one family in war stricken Gaza


Pay Hassan Darwish using PayPal.Me
Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it’s easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.
Here you can put a face to Hassan’s name ….


Despite the horrors, our children never give up hope


Don’t cry brother, we will rebuild our home, we will buy you new toys and books. Don’t cry brother, we have to be strong, brave and we have to win. Don’t cry brother, Gaza will resist and Palestine will be free.


The shelling targeted the Yarmouk site in Khan Younis


Israeli occupation warplanes destroyed another building to the west of Gaza.


Israeli warplanes completely destroyed a building of insurance company Gaza.


Israeli occupation war jets attacked several sites in Gaza.


Image by Carlos Latuff

‘Celebrating’ Mother’s Day in Gaza on 21 March


How you can help the orphans in Gaza …

Donation link via Visa ⬇️



“As I have often said, the founding of the state of Israel was one of the greatest political achievements of the 20th century.”

Pelosi downgrades Israel from ‘greatest political achievement of 20th century’ to just ‘one of the greatest’

This must be progress. Nancy Pelosi spoke at the Israel lobby group AIPAC today and said:

As I have often said, the founding of the state of Israel was one of the greatest political achievements of the 20th century.

That’s not true. House Speaker Pelosi has on countless occasions called Israel THE greatest political achievement of the 20th century.

Just three months ago, Pelosi told another Israel lobby group:

I believe that the establishment of the state of Israel was the greatest political accomplishment of the Twentieth Century.

Last spring Pelosi said on her website before bringing a delegation to Israel:

There is no greater political accomplishment in the 20th Century than the establishment of the State of Israel.

In March 2017 she told AIPAC:

It is my firm belief that the establishment of the State of Israel—and you’ve heard me say this at other AIPAC meetings—the 20th Century had some horrible -isms, terrible things were done to people, but it is my firm belief that the establishment of the State of Israel is the greatest political achievement of the 20th Century this great beacon.

Back in 2014 Pelosi welcomed Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington in fulsome terms:

As you know, Mr. Prime Minister – I’ve said it to you so many times – I’ve long held the belief that the establishment of the state of Israel was the most spectacular political achievement of the 20th century.

But today Israel is just one of the greatest political achievements…. Pelosi is surely hearing footsteps on the left.

BTW, Pelosi’s speech was filled with contempt for Palestinians. Though she called for supporting Israel fervently and affirmed “the right of Jewish people to national self-determination,” she said nothing about Palestinian rights, nothing about the Palestinian right to defend themselves or have freedom of movement.

And while Pelosi spoke of countering bigotry against Jews in the US and everywhere, and saluted the several Jews who lead House committees — Nita Lowey, Jerry Nadler, Eliot Engel, Adam Schiff, Ted Deutch, and John Yarmuth– Pelosi had zero to say about Islamophobia, and denounced Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s criticisms of Israel as anti-semitic, though she did not mention the Muslim congresswoman by name.

Pelosi also said nothing critical of Benjamin Netanyahu or the Israeli government. Despite the urgent appeal by J Street to call out Netanyahu’s bigotry against Palestinians, Pelosi was silent.

And though she called for a two-state solution, she did so in the name of Israeli security. “A two state solution is not a solution without guaranteed security for Israel. Security security security.” She said not a word about Palestinian security. Pelosi was thus expressing racism against Palestinians.


How long can the oh-so-moral community still look the other way and plead further in Palestine, ignoring the Israeli conquest and 1981 annexation of the Syrian Golan, which was never internationally recognized?

He who looks away is guilty

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


March 24, 1999, was the day Nato forces began to bomb the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It was the first war outside of an “alliance” and without explicit UN approval, with the participation of Germany with the first combat mission of German troops after the end of the Second World War, a turning point in German foreign policy.

Energetic support War support of a red-green government

This brutal war with the active support of the then Red-Green government cost more than 15,000 lives, including more than 500 civilians. However, the supposedly “accidental” bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, which cost the lives of three Chinese journalists, was deliberate, according to the British Observer.


NATO war not covered by UN mandate


This UN-mandated NATO-led US-led NATO war was a violation of the UN Charter. It was a breach of international law against Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter, which stated that “All members shall refrain from any threat or application in their international relations directed against the territorial integrity or political independence of a State or otherwise incompatible with the purposes of the United Nations of violence “. After all, it was well known that a UN decision against resistance by the Russians and the Chinese would not have been possible.


SPD and green politicians campaigned for a bombing without a mandate


Even then, the SPD War Minister Scharping hung far out the window, justifying the war with “averting a humanitarian catastrophe”. While Russia rightly protested and criticized the NATO dictates of strength and although this war was also highly controversial within the NATO states, it was just German politicians, especially a red-green federal government, which had once made peace movement and 68ers, who were now campaigning for a bombing without a mandate.


German assault past


All these references to the German aggressive war past were worth the red-green coalition nothing more. They tried to justify the attack by any means, even with reference to never-proven Serbian war plans, which today remind us very much of the forged “evidence” of the United States at the beginning of the Iraq war.


Collateral damage linked to the Holocaust


It was quite disgusting, however, when the civilian victims of NATO by Nato US spokesman Shea were called “collateral damage” and the indignation and the calls for ceasefire were so large that the green Foreign Minister Joseph Fischer was forced to see all the guns of his acting and with an unforgotten, more than outrageous comparison made a connection to the Holocaust and said: “I stand on two principles, never again war, never again Auschwitz, never again genocide, never again fascism. Both belong together with me. “

To instrumentalize Auschwitz, even to use it as a metaphor for the extermination of an ethnic group, was a tasteless taboo that remains unforgotten today and opened free-rider locks.

And that leads me to the SPD successor in the office of Foreign Minister, who went into politics because of Auschwitz and 20 years after the beginning of the international law-violent NATO war, this and the German participation is right.

As Maas said about dpa, he still believes that German participation has been “an outflow of responsible action. We have seen that there have been massive violations of human rights, “said Foreign Minister Maas, who was completely unimpressed by the breach of international law.


The hypocritical “Auschwitz Minister”


This in turn inevitably leads me to Gaza and Palestine. After all, if you go to war with blatant lies, it is no wonder that the “Auschwitz Minister” can close his eyes when human rights and international law are violated and trampled under Zionist occupation regimes in illegally occupied Palestine and Gaza the German stirrup holder only possible by looking away! Such a hypocritical foreign minister can also look in the mirror without being ashamed of the land.

Missiles at the “right” time

After the rocket fire from Gaza, which once again came at exactly the right time, destroyed a residential building in the Greater Tel Aviv area and injured seven people, including two children, this was again a desperate wake-up call from the Gaza Strip, do not forget us in the concentration camp. Who benefits from this rocket fire? Of course, the Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is always under new corruption charges in the election campaign. He has already announced that he will shorten his US visit to Trump and renounce his propaganda speech to the most powerful US-Israel lobby organization AIPAC. He stated that Israel would not tolerate a “vicious attack” on the State of Israel on “its territory.” He would react vigorously and do everything necessary for the safety of his citizens. Friend Trump hurriedly assured “Israel has the right to self-defense.” The German government also strongly condemned the attack. Has this Merkel government ever condemned an attack or the genocide in Gaza? On the one hand, every Zionist crime was justified by reference to the “right to self-defense” of this “Christian-Zionist coalition”!


The supreme warlord and his belligerent people


For Netanyahu, who also holds the office of Minister of War, the security situation is the central issue in the election campaign. Only then can he present himself as the “highest general” in front of his belligerent people.So what fits in with the scheme more than “militant Islamist Hamas” missiles that always arrive at the right time, as ordered. So who else is talking about the report of the UN Human Rights Council, which accuses the “Jewish State” of committing crimes against humanity on the border with Gaza, with almost 200 murdered alone 20018 and several thousands injured, by the “Jewish Defense Army”.


The march of the return


Before the 30th of March, the first anniversary of the march of return marches, large-scale demonstrations are again announced. These protesters call for an end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has been ongoing since 2006, which the “Jewish State” and Egypt arbitrarily exercise and justify with “security interests”. However, there is no justification for human rights crimes and illegal occupation.


Those responsible for war crimes before the International Court of Justice


So who will finally atone for the war crimes and bring to justice those responsible before the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which, according to the commission of the UN Human Rights Council, murdered 189 Palestinians from the end of March to the end of December 2018, shooting more than 6,000 of them 122 Palestinian limbs had to be amputated. This war crimes massacre, which targeted civilians who were not involved in combat operations and therefore did not represent an immediate danger, must finally be punished by the international community, with all the consequences.


So, it is time for the EU to no longer class Hamas as a terrorist organization, but as a resistance organization in the fight for freedom against illegal occupation. However, reality shows that Muslims / Palestinians are always considered “terrorists”, while Jews / Zionists are always considered “peace-loving victims.” This thinking has also contributed massively to worldwide hatred of Islam and promoted intolerance against Muslims. Muslims are the Jews of today and deserve our all protection and solidarity when attacked.


Trump sealed the covenant with the “Chosen Zionists”


It is not Gaza-ruling Hamas guilty of the misery of this sealed-off concentration camp, but it is the Zionist occupation regime. As long as that is not finally recognized, there can never be a just solution that, as it seems, is no longer on the “Christian-Jewish” agenda for Palestine. Trump and his Golan Tweet, sealed after the Jerusalem Maneuver, the Covenant linking the “Chosen Zionists” to the Christian Zionist Evangelicals.Netanyahu and Trump have never been better off than they are now, because they are so similar in their “understanding of democracy and how to deal with the media”.


Furnished in war missions


Again and again, it is pointed out that the “positive” consequence after the Kosovo war was to give more weight to human rights and international law and that politicians can no longer hide behind sovereignty when they commit their atrocities. What a lie! Nothing has changed, even though we are being led to believe that today’s UN Security Council is under international legal obligation to protect the population from their regimes.So what does the sad reality look like, 20 years after the NATO-Kosovo war in violation of international law and 5 years after the Gaza genocide and the 71-year ethnic cleansing of Palestine? Things have gotten worse around the world and the hypocritical community of states has meanwhile established itself between war missions, the sale of weapons and the exploitation of resources.

There is a duty for humanitarian interventions, but certainly not as NATO spent it, as a “moral duty” with the help of bombs, to which the West feels committed.


The double standard when it comes to the “Jewish state”


Where is the moral, when it comes to the “Jewish state” and its illegal international occupier regime? Again and again one celebrates a double standard, which must finally be stopped. The Holocaust victims and their descendants do not have the right to take everything out just because the international community allowed the Holocaust and intervened far too late. A guilty conscience does not lead to good politics. Why must the Palestinians atone for the Holocaust and not be defended like the people of the Balkans? Because they are not important in the “Cold War” in the conflict between East and West?

The forgotten victims of Western politics


Why have neither AA Fischer nor AA Maas ever applied the moral standards they set forth in the Kosovo war? Again and again I come to Auschwitz, why did they abuse this term without necessity, but not for Palestine under the Israeli knout? Especially in Palestine this metaphor has its justification. But not for the former victims, but for today. Just think of the oppressed and occupied Palestinians / Gaza, who are increasingly becoming abused victims and oblivious in Western politics. Finally, more and more of what’s really going on is crystallized: about the Christian-Jewish cultural struggle, against Muslims and Islam.


A “God given miracle”


When US President Trump once again overruled all rules of international law and recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Syrian Golan they occupied, the Jewish Israelis cheered and spoke of a “God-given miracle.” Finally Trump, as a representative of God, would have recognized the solidarity of the “Jewish people” with this part of the country.

It was another campaigning gift to friend Netanyahu after the Jerusalem recognition and the US move of the embassy to the “eternally undivided capital” of the “Jewish state”.

Trump’s election gifts


Netanyahu, sinking deeper and deeper into his corruption mess with new accusations, can now bask in Trump’s electoral gifts, which also have an important domestic policy goal for Trump, namely to drive a wedge into the Democratic Party and to kill two birds with one stone. (1) The Trump’s Russian affair takes a back seat and Netanyahu is currently called only in connection with the Golan and Geza, all the best conditions for the 9th of April, the election day in the “Jewish state”. After a victory in the election, the little world of Bibi and Sara would be fine again and they can bask in their supposed glory if it were not for the many dirty linen that their subjects apparently like to literally sweep under their bed.

The phrase of the “peace process”


Thanks to Trump, Netanyahu seems to be getting closer and closer to his goal of not having to settle for the phrase “peace process” anymore, let alone making concessions on the settlement issue. However, he is compliant with a majority of his competitors in the election campaign, Blue and White, Shas Party, Yadahut Ha Torah, Kulanu, the New Right, Union of Right Parties, and Israel Beitenu, who outbid each other in their right-wing ideas.


Judaization and claim to Greater Israel


They all do not want settlement demolition and division of Jerusalem. What does that show us? The “peace” offered by these politicians only reveals their unwillingness to fight, pursuing only one goal: the Judaization and the claim to a Greater Israel, but without its aborigines. How long have Israeli politicians dreamed of the annexation of the West Bank and an euphemistically called “transfer” expulsion of the Palestinians living there into Arab states? After all, the US government has already deleted the term “occupied” for the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in an official report by the Foreign Ministry – contrary to international law. For the Palestinians, the worst fears come true, since they must fear that Trump will fulfill these Zionist wishes for power. What will Trump make possible in the future?Nothing is impossible with this dealer, who likes to create quick Twitter-hooks instead of having to negotiate long enough to overburden him and even keep him from playing golf.


No German “raison d’etat” for the “Jewish state”


So how long can the oh-so-moral community still look the other way and plead further in Palestine, ignoring the Israeli conquest and 1981 annexation of the Syrian Golan, which was never internationally recognized? Let’s see if the German Federal Government, which regards the Syrian Golan Heights as “occupied territories” entirely in accordance with UN Resolution 497, which was unanimously adopted by the UN in 1981, does not fall over under Maas and its master in white House and Tel Aviv not wrong. If they were serious about international law, they would certainly be obliged to suspend the German “reason of the state” for the “Jewish state”. In my opinion, a “state reason” for a state, who so boldly ignores international law and human rights, incompatible with the German Constitution. So how long do we still want to look the other way and be guilty when it comes to the Zionist occupation crimes in Palestine?






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We are in a moment in which our actions deserve real scrutiny and a commitment to change. Support for Islamophobia—in any form—kills.

Jewish Communities Must Root Out Islamophobia

MANY JEWISH GROUPS in the US have reached out to Muslim groups after last week’s massacre of Muslim worshippers in Christchurch, New Zealand. Jewish communities have been showing support and solidarity in a number of meaningful ways, including participating in interfaith services and rallies, offering to stand outside mosques when needed, and raising funds for the families of those who were murdered. But as Jews, we need to dig deeper into what our institutions are doing to foment Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism.

The hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric all around us can’t be separated from acts of physical violence. White nationalist rhetoric and actions have been encouraged and facilitated by the Trump Administration; the recent, relentless assault on Rep. Ilhan Omar has been riddled with Islamophobia and anti-Black racism. This Islamophobia long predates the current administration and has been encouraged and condoned well beyond the right. A recent article for ThinkProgress by Dr. Maha Hilal captures the hypocrisy of those in power: “While leaders across the globe might react negatively to the white nationalist language [the New Zealand killer] used, it’s hard to believe rhetoric that mourns the loss of Muslim lives after more than 17 years of the war on terror and the violence against Muslims in the form of detention, surveillance, torture, and murder.”

Anti-Muslim racism is pervasive. It is state-sanctioned and structural. It is deadly. It is on our streets, in our media, and in the encounters Muslims have at work, in schools, and in day-to-day life. So what can we do as Jews? We need to challenge our Jewish communities that are enabling—and sometimes fomenting—Islamophobia.

We know that Jewish organizations are funding some of the most virulent Islamophobic groups in the country. For example, progressive Jewish groups including Jews Against Anti-Muslim Racism (JAAMR), Jews SAY NO!, and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) recently released a report detailing how the Jewish Communal Fund (JCF) in New York is supporting some of the worst purveyors of anti-Muslim hate. These purveyors include, among others, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, whose namesake is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “the godfather of the anti-Muslim movement,” and the American Freedom Defense Initiative, whose public face is Pamela Geller, infamous for placing vitriolic anti-Muslim ads in public buses and subways. All of these JCF-funded groups are leaders in, or significant contributors to, what the Center for American Progress calls “the Islamophobia network in America.” The JCF has responded to the report and call to stop funding anti-Muslim hate with dead silence.

Chicago’s Jewish United Fund (JUF) has been doing much the same. JUF funneledhundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-Muslim hate groups between 2011 and 2014 through its donor-advised funds. JUF also accepted $5.1 million in 2013 from the Donors Capital Fund, a major contributor to the Islamophobia network. After sustained pressure and private meetings with Jewish activists and community leaders, JUF leadership said they would “discourage” its funds from selecting known hate groups for donations, yet their response makes clear they are continuing to shirk responsibility for how their funds are used.

And then there’s the Anti-Defamation League, which bills itself as committed to combating all forms of hate. While the ADL has certainly done some work to challenge Islamophobia, it has done a great deal of harm in promoting it. The organization has engaged in illegal spying, beginning in the 1950s, on Arab-Americans and progressive groups, which is perhaps why it never spoke up in all the years when the NYPD engaged in discriminatory surveillance of Muslim communities. Far from denouncing this blatant attack on the civil rights of Muslim citizens, the ADL gave an award to the commanding officer of the NYPD Intelligence Division that had been implementing the surveillance program. The ADL has a long history of labeling Muslim community groups as “terrorist sympathizers,” doing whatever it can to delegitimize them, and The ADL Foundation has also given grants to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, founded by Steve Emerson, known as a “leading light of the Islamophobia network.”

Jewish organizations have participated in furthering Islamophobia as part and parcel of their uncritical support for Israel. The anti-Muslim “clash of civilizations” concept—that “Western civilization” is locked in a never-ending battle with Islam as a result of fundamental cultural differences, rather than material factors such as the legacy of neocolonialism and imperialism—serves as a framework for US and Israeli government policies. Other hasbara (propaganda) campaigns disparage Muslims and Islam to justify Israeli policies that dehumanize Palestinians.

Many Jewish organizations have also supported the US “war on terror,” which, since 9/11, has targeted and demonized Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities across the globe. This domestic and global “war on terror” is considered integral to cementing the US-Israel “special relationship” and ensuring US support for Israeli policies.

Jewish communities have serious work ahead of us. We can and must demand that our institutions stop funding Islamophobia. We can and must demand that our institutions oppose US policies that harm Muslim communities in the US and globally. We can and must take seriously Dr. Hilal’s words that “the global war on terror has become a blueprint for violence against Muslims.” We can and must demand that our communities oppose not only Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian violence, but also the policies that are so intertwined with them.

We are in a moment in which our actions deserve real scrutiny and a commitment to change. Support for Islamophobia—in any form—kills.


Aside from what the photo represents, in the last few days Trump (YOUR TAX DOLLARS) paid for every bomb dropped on Gaza.

Could we call this meddling in the upcoming Israeli election?

President Donald Trump holds up an executive proclamation recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory at the White House in Washington DC, Monday, March 25, 2019. (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP)

Meanwhile in Gaza …..

Ongoing Israeli Aggression in Gaza.

Israeli occupation warplanes destroyed another building to the west of Gaza.


Opening the Washington Post today, we were aghast. Prominently displayed on page 8 was a full-page ad falsely accusing Representative Ilhan Omar of being anti-semitic. “The Jews control the world with their money” – words Rep. Omar NEVER said – were splattered next to her face, leaving readers to assume it was a quote.

The ad was produced and purchased by the notorious Rabbi Shmuley, a hate-monger whose agenda is well-known: to demand U.S. compliance with Israel’s status quo of occupation and apartheid. Why is the Washington Post allowing Shmuley to purchase such an outrageous ad inciting hatred against the first black, Muslim hijab-wearing member of Congress? Contact the Washington Post now. Tell them to apologize to Rep. Omar and promise not to print ads that propagate lies and hate. We will hand deliver your signatures to the Post.

As Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib wrote: “This is a false ad that only serves to incite violence toward a Black Muslim woman. It’s fear-mongering and we need to stand together and say this type of hate should not have a place in our newspapers or society.”

We know the results of inciting such hatred: We just saw the murder of 50 Muslims in New Zealand with the shooter crediting President Trump as an inspiration to white nationalists across the world.

The stakes are higher than ever right now. After years and years of Congress providing unquestioned support for Israel and kowtowing to the Israel lobby, we now have members of Congress openly supporting the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement. And for the first time ever, nearly every Democratic presidential candidate is refusing to attend the AIPAC conference happening in Washington, D.C.

Skipping AIPAC used to be considered political suicide, but now it’s AIPAC that is toxic. No one looking to establish their progressive credentials wants to be associated with blind support for the apartheid state. That’s why Rabbi Shmuley is desperate to frame Rep. Ilhan Omar as an enemy of the Jewish people.

The Washington Post knows what Rep. Omar has and has not said; it knows that Rabbi Shmuley’s ad is misleading and repulsive. So why print it?

Do you have a moment to contact the Washington Post? Tell them you expect better from them, especially during this time of heightened violence and while Rep. Omar is experiencing very real death threats. They should promise to never again sell space in their paper for ads promoting any kind of hatred!



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