Yesterday morning I received a copy of Kenneth Ring’s new book Letters From Palestine in the mail. It is one of the few books that I literally could not put down until I finished reading it. The format, the content, everything about it made it the perfect vehicle by which an entire nation, rendered voiceless, speaks out in a loud voice to the entire world.

Each letter is accompanied with a photo of the writer, making them seem like a personal letter to the reader. The letters themselves are written by Palestinians living under occupation in the West Bank, in Gaza and throughout the diaspora. Each one filled with hope and inspiration.

Kenneth Ring speaking with residents of Jenin

I was especially pleased to find contributions from my dear friend Mohammed Omer and my esteemed Associate Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh included in the book.

For decades voices have been stifled by the erection of iron curtains or concrete walls. There have always been forces that made gaps in those barriers to allow the voiceless to be heard. Kenneth Ring is definitely one of those forces. The letters he reproduced are written as letters to a friend, and that he is. A friend of humanity and especially of Palestine.

The book is a MUST read for anyone who wants to see the truth about the situation in Palestine. You must not allow the concrete wall keep the truth out, take advantage of the gap created in it and become a part of the force that will eventually bring it down completely.

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