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Israel protests Hungary’s Eurovision entry

Song includes condemnation against Israeli operation in Gaza, mentions number of dead Palestinian children.

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Israel is protesting Hungary’s Eurovision entry, which includes condemnation against Operation Protective Edge and mentions the number of Palestinian children killed during the 2014 Israeli military campaign. 

Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor turned to the Hungarian broadcasting authority, expressed his country’s reservations over the planned song and asked that the problematic segment be removed.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in May in Vienna, Austria. Hungary’s song this year, “Wars for Nothing,” will be performed by a group of three singers led by Hungarian singer-songwriter Boggie. The song has an anti-war message, focusing on the victims of violence and wars in the world. One of the captions in the song’s video refers to Operation Protective Edge, stating: “2014 – Gaza – two-thirds of the victims were civilians, including more than 500 children.”

Although Israel isn’t mentioned by name in the song, Ambassador Mor asked the Hungarian broadcasting authority to remove the sentence about the Gaza war, explaining that it is seen as an “inconvenient” political message against Israel.

And the 500+ dead children

Is NOT an ‘inconvenience?’


The Entry …

Here are the lyrics

Do you know our Earth is a mess?
All the wars for nothing, it never ends
Everybody deserves a chance
All the souls, all the souls
Can you hear them cry?

That you live in peace does not mean
It’s okay to ignore all the pain
I see children joining the stars
Soldiers walk towards the dark
Let me ask

Can you justify all the eyes
That will never see daylight?
Give me one good reason to hurt
A helpless soul, break a heart
Kill a mind

Do you know how many innocents
Are hiding from punishment
For crimes they’d never commit?
All alone, all alone
Do they deserve

To die for believing something else?
For having a face someone can’t stand
Do you know our Earth is a mess?
All the wars for nothing
It never ends

All the souls, all alone
Hold them tight
All the souls deserve a chance
At life

Israeli pressure on MTV has resulted in the following …

Israel was not mentioned but the if you missed it, the problematic sentence is “2014 – Gaza – two-thirds of the victims were civilians, including more than 500 children.” MTV has agreed to remove this sentence for Eurovision, as also the rules are prohibiting any political influence.



Now it’s up to you to protest

MTV’s decision. You can

contact them via THIS link.



  1. Imagine said,

    March 24, 2015 at 04:28

    Isn’t MTV an USA cable TV organization? The Eurovision Song Contest is European … nothing to do with either the USA or Israel.

    Wish these creeps keep to their own side.

  2. R Davis said,

    March 24, 2015 at 05:15

    It is beyond me why Israel is protesting this.
    Look at how they are portraying themselves.
    What are these movies
    Where they made to scare the rest of us – wow man – I survived Freddy Cruger – this Jewish stuff is for kiddies corner.
    But seriously, is this how they want to be seen.
    Okay so what is all the fuss about with Hungerys Eurovision entry ?
    Or maybe the problem is that Israel did not think of it first & it is not a Jew representing Israel on stage singing the songs.
    The movies
    INGLORIOUS BASTARDS – shows us the real Jew & not as a result of WWII, but who they are & who they were in WWII.
    WWZ – is also an amazing expose, a nation that sees itself as the ruling nation of planet earth. One could believe that Israel is manufacturing some kind of drug or virus to turn the worlds population into zombies who self-destruct so as to have the planet to themselves.

  3. jixiang said,

    March 27, 2015 at 06:21

    This was a correct decision, since there are rules preventing open political statements during the Eurovision contest.

    If someone made a reference to massacres in Sri Lanka, or Syria, or Ukraine, I’m sure that would be taken out too, without there even being any controversy.

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