While Islam and Muslims are often described as backward, reactionary and dangerous, they try to portray Judaism as a haven of humanism and tolerance. However, if we look into the “Jewish state”, the reality is quite different. A Zionist regime of oppression and occupation based on Old Testament rules, which is contrary to international law and inhuman, is neither democratic nor tolerant.

The ominous influence of the “media companion” 

by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


In fact, we now have a poisoned atmosphere in Germany, not just since the murderous attack in Halle, but for many years. What’s going on here about right-wing extremism and unbridled neo-Nazi marches and organizations has been more or less accepted for decades. The raucous hordes of East German villages moved and watched the police helpless, is not an isolated case. It is the old anti-Semitism, which always finds a breeding ground and will never change. Only when a German politician was murdered did one wake up. While the NSU murders, in which many things remain in the dark until today and waiting for clarification, one would have to listen. (1)

Post-war Germany marked by the stuffiness of the brown talare

After two attacks on my father’s grave, Heinz-Galinski, in September and December 1998, when my husband and I wanted to suspend a reward for the capture of the offender, we were called by the Berlin Attorney General that it was unnecessary and that the investigation after only six weeks after the fact (!) would be set. It boosted the video surveillance and that’s it. When, after my father’s death, two pig heads were thrown across the synagogue’s Erfurt wall, with slips of paper around their necks saying, “At last the pig Galinski is dead,” the perp was a well-known neo-Nazi, Dienel, the monthly money from the constitution protection Thuringia got. Organs like the National-Zeitung, which were able to spread their right-wing ideas without restraint, were normal. Post-war Germany was marked by the stuffiness of the brown talare. Everything was accepted then, and in response to that brown past came the 68s who protested. All this was a thorn in the side of the Springer press, which today still stands in the blind support of Israel and found a terrible climax with the Dutschke assassination and the death of orphan. Countless right-wing extremist attacks against Jewish institutions were sad normality. Yes, that was living anti-Semitism. Countless right-wing extremist attacks against Jewish institutions were sad normality. Yes, that was living anti-Semitism. Countless right-wing extremist attacks against Jewish institutions were sad normality. Yes, that was living anti-Semitism.

Quite typical: one was blind in the right eye and instead turned his attention to “left-wing terrorism” according to the “cold-war custom”, led by the “Springer-Cold War press”. To this day, we experience this monopoly of opinion of certain media. Since everything is lumped in the meantime, which has absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Halle has shown in a cruel way, which also individual offenders are able to tinker with the simplest means dangerous weapons and – see Breivik and Christchurch – can cause a massacre. That it did not happen in Halle, we owe a lucky circumstance that the synagogue door withstood. That there was no police monitoring is inexcusable, even if Saxony-Anhalt’s Interior Minister Stahlknecht and his authorities “have no blame.” Stahlknecht is therefore in the pure and tries to dismiss the warnings of the Federal Criminal Police Office, which had long warned against attacks, as “fictitious and not concrete”. Constant surveillance of Jewish institutions is still everyday and unfortunately important. Just as important, however, is the protection of Muslim institutions and mosques.

Soon Turkish and Russian “anti-terrorist units” to guard in Germany?

It should make us all deeply concerned that fear and prejudice against Islam and Muslims are being fueled in Germany, which are already meeting with fertile ground among the population. While Muslims mutate into new Jews, on whom one can unload hate and hate, Jews are lifted on a pedestal. Philosemitism, which succeeded the old anti-Semitism, has become a terrible danger. It is a danger that should startle Jews.

And that makes me come to the actual thought of my comment. Do German Jews really want to be thrown into a pot with the “Jewish occupying regime”? Why is it uncritically accepted that Chancellor Merkel calls Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to assure her of her concern. (2) Affected are members of a religious community and non-Israeli citizens. Or are German Jews meanwhile equated with Israeli? If that is the intention of the Central Council of Jews and Israel, then good night Germany.

I still remember the indignation when the former President of the Central Council, Bubis, was addressed to “his” president, the Israeli. Do you still have to wonder? What is to be kept from the fact that Israeli “anti-terrorist units” are guarding Jewish institutions, as reported by the German media’s “Krebsgeschwür,” Bild-Zeitung. Is that part of the German state rationale? And is that compatible with the Constitution? Imagine that there are Turkish or Russian “anti-terror units”, what would be the cause of an outcry? (3)

Does the attack in Halle not just the “Jewish state” located?

Is it really in the Jewish sense to be treated as standing under a special protection of species? Do you want to be a “fellow citizen” or not a citizen who has arrived and is not accepted. Unfortunately, everything points exactly to the opposite. While politicians and security forces outdo each other in action and decisions, it would be perfectly sufficient to implement existing laws.

The many notorious perpetrators were in the pay of the constitution protection, is known and was accepted. When former constitutional protection chief Maßen fell out of favor due to his right-wing tendencies, Seehofer held his protective hand over him and held on to him in loyalty to the Nibelung until the barrel was overflowing and modest in his “rightfulness” could no longer be maintained. (4) (5)

Does the terrible attack in Halle not just the “Jewish state” located? While the government and the Federal President complain about anti-Semitism and racism, solidarity with Jews is manifested in Germany, vigils and church services take place, and “never again” is invoked, attempts are made to undo failures in this way. To deal with these omissions, however, it is necessary to finally criticize and sanction human and international crimes in the “Jewish state”. But if that is missed by the “rulers” and concealed, that is a shame. So while the Zionist regime continues its occupation crimes on the Palestinian people with increasing Judaization, further construction of new settlements is announced, Torture is carried out by the state, it does not seem to matter in Germany. What else has to happen, until finally it comes to a “normality” in the good sense – not in AfD manner? (6) (7)

Transfiguration of the “chosen” driven to new heights

On the contrary, it seems that the transfiguration of the “chosen ones” is being driven to new heights. I was stunned to hear from one of the participating journalists, Alexander Kissler, last Sunday in the Press Club on Racism and Anti-Semitism, that we must now support Israel even more in response to the attack in Halle. Instead of the moderator Jörg Schönenborn demanded a clarification, this requirement remained so. Do not German journalists really ask themselves how to take an uncritical attitude to Israel? How do you want to make that plausible to the viewer, that we silently solidarize with this “Jewish apartheid occupation state”? Was therefore also the otherwise subsequent 15-minute audience broadcast “demand” replaced without replacement and without further explanation? Is this the German “reason of state” for Israel, which also applies to the public-law state radio? Can these “opinion guides” actually still look in the mirror? Should not they ask themselves whether they still regard themselves as journalists or have already completely degenerated into submissive command recipients?

It seems that attempts are now being made to distract from the right-wing extremist problem by focusing on Palestinian anti-Israel activists, boycott groups called “anti-Semitic” (!), And “radical leftists” in the interests of Israel pay attention to the critics and away from the crimes. Here we are dealing with a perfect interaction of Israel lobby, “opinion leaders” and politicians. Thus, one must establish a content context of the anti-BDS decision of the Bundestag of May 2019 and point it out again and again. This kills two birds with one stone, fosters fear and portrays Israel as a rescuing refuge. What more does the “Jewish state” fear than more Jews leaving the “promised land”! So one tries with Hasbara propagandistic Angstschürung massively to promote the immigration (Allyah rise) – prefers also to strengthen the settlements. Is not reality a different one? Is not it just a lot of Jewish Israelis emigrating? Just think of the more than 30,000 living in Berlin, who live according to the Central Council of Jews to a large extent in “no-go” areas.

Again, the official side is trying to bring right-wing terrorism into connection with “Islamism”. This is completely wrong and only helps the AfD and Israel. When I warned against this party when the AfD was founded, I was massively attacked. When I wrote and said that their voters can not be excused as protestors, I was attacked again, why? Because this party boasts of being on the side of the Jews?

If “opinion companion” without scruples in a staging play

Were not CSU and CDU politicians haunting similar sounds that they no longer want to know today? Did not they try to linguistically outdo each other in their actionism? Were not there sayings such as “German values” and statements that Islam does not belong to Germany, which fueled the spiritual breeding ground for this “brown seed”? Every day we experience what we have to do with “German values”: shameless double standards when it comes to the “Jewish state”.

While Islam and Muslims are often described as backward, reactionary and dangerous, they try to portray Judaism as a haven of humanism and tolerance. However, if we look into the “Jewish state”, the reality is quite different. A Zionist regime of oppression and occupation based on Old Testament rules, which is contrary to international law and inhuman, is neither democratic nor tolerant.

So now, after the “Kippa marches”, when we experience “Star of David marches”, that’s once again a one-sided support for a group. While more mosques and Muslim institutions have been attacked, migrants can not be sure, the importance of anti-Semitism is exaggerated. Anti-Semitism exists and was and is strengthened today by the policy of the “Jewish state”. Germany is guilty again – not only because “BDS followers” and Jews who profess to boycott, disinvestments and sanctions until Palestine is free, are defamed as anti-Semites, but also through this new philosemitism of “opinion leaders”, who plays with no scruples in a production that could prove dangerous for all Jews. Let us take an example of the USA. There, more and more Jews – especially younger ones – are turning away from the blind support of the “Jewish state” because they realize that they serve Jewish life without fear. If fears are fueled here with the help of “Christian Zionist” politicians and the Israel lobby instead of rooting all evil, then Jews should really be scared of this kind of “opinion leader” and her helpers.




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  1. Neil Swartz said,

    October 16, 2019 at 21:23

    The reality of German journalism or read it it is the same for all other “professions” in Germany. My father was an occupation officer and occasionally when Norstad couldn’t be bothered, gave Adenauer his marching orders. When he said jump, Adenauer would say “how high”! Although the Americans gave the orders, the British set up the colonial regime, as they are quite skilled at it and still run Germany from behind the scenes.
    Your belief that “Germany” is an independent country with its own government is delusional. Does “Germany” have a peace treaty with those who’s soldiers occupy it? The Germans are the slaves of the City of London and will remain so until they throw off their chains. If a german politician steps out of line, he might just have a one car accident on a lonely road somewhere!

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