The Israeli government and its spokesmen just won’t admit that the BDS Movement is not the enemy ….. they themselves are!

More headlines and Op-Eds from the ziopress appear daily with the intention of destroying and discrediting the Movement.

Following are the examples of today (Click on links to see reports)

Don't fall victim to the ziolies .... Support BDS .... It's the right thing to do!

Don’t fall victim to the ziolies …. Support BDS …. It’s the right thing to do!

Latest lies from the ziopress …

When will the free world realize Churchill was right?

Op-ed: The evil spirit of BDS is not only threatening Israel; it is wreaking havoc in the US and UK, threatening the free world, encouraging Palestinian terror and rejectionism and increasing hostility and hatred between Jews and Arabs.


Op-Ed: Who is Really Behind BDS? We Can Cut Off BDS at the Spigot

How can we fight the flow of finances to BDS?

Op-Ed: BDS on the March? Don’t Panic – Really

The series of hollow “victories” achieved by the boycotters over the past several days proves one thing only: BDS is a paper tiger, and only as dangerous as we allow it to be.
The latest trash from Psycho Gal herself … 

The new government’s war on BDS

The flagship of the diplomatic war against Israel is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement


And from our resident idiot boi ‘rabbi’

Britain’s bizarre and dishonorable National Union of Students

Pardon my English, but there is no other way to describe the above reports

Pardon my English, but there is no other way to describe the above reports

Read the following to see what Mondoweiss has to say about the situation

A banner day for BDS — though you’d have to read the Jewish press to know it

And this interesting piece just published at The Times of Israel

When it comes to tackling BDS, Israel is all talk, no action

Despite their passionate rhetoric, MKs are using the latest uptick of boycotts for domestic political point-scoring, while the government’s counter-effort is dysfunctionally divided between two rival ministries, with almost no staff


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  3. mikael said,

    June 5, 2015 at 23:12

    I have followed this for decades, and wants to say this.
    I hoped for peace, peace between the Hebrews, whom is ancient and is the true followers of the Book, and the present Palestinian population witch is the people of the land, and among them is the Hebrews, as well as Christians and Muslims.

    I dont care what They label me at all, nope and thats because of one simple reality, witch is ignored all the time, the ocupation of foreign people, expanding its perimeterys into another mans land, and uses any exuse possible to do so, and now, when nothing is left of Palestina, screams of been a victim.
    I hope for peace nevertheless, because this goverment is truly insane.
    Ruining Israel.
    Blaming others for their own selfinflected politics of greed and evil.

    One day, if Israelis and Palestinians is able to talk, and walk togherther the evil have lost, and if peace ariwes, what comes next is reconisliation.
    And probably the the world will be a better place, help and comerse will do the rest, a reality that will benefitt US all.
    Where in this is hatered for jews, I dont give a rasts ass for whatever hypocratical babbelings attaced to been a pro palestinian, and whats even wurse, and thats my only wepond, a sword if we shal use analogies, where the blade is named the Truth.
    I dont even have to lie.
    Why arent people like me and others whom is even “wurse”, hehe, meet this rotten scums face to face, upon a feild, and talk.
    No, of course not, truth, faks and critical thinking, and shait like that is No, no this days, where ignoranc is becomed a religion, and religion becomed arogance.

    In the end, Israel, the enemy is within, the canser is growing, and soon, you will end up along with the Palestinians, living in a smoking ruin, and thats not even caused by wars, but the Robbing of your people by your own Gov. whom is criminals and haters of humanity.

    may the lord have mercy upon their souls, and forgive their sins.


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