Image by Carlos Latuff

Image by Carlos Latuff

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers have murdered many Palestinians on the mere suspicion that the victims were planning to stab Israelis.

Brutal, ugly and malicious

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

It is amply clear that Israel is dealing rather characteristically with ongoing Palestinian protests over the provocative efforts by Jewish fanatics to gain a foothold at al Masjidul Aqsa.Israel, thanks to the brutal ugliness of its mentality and ideology, got us accustomed to seeing its trigger-happy soldiers shoot first and ask questions only afterwards. That is by no means a novel experience on our part. Israel has always behaved in this manner since time immemorial.

This means that Israeli troops, inculcated with hate and racism from early childhood, adopt “murder in cold blood” as their policy toward Palestinians.

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli soldiers have murdered many Palestinians on the mere suspicion that the victims were planning to stab Israelis.

However, in many, probably most cases, it turned out that Israeli suspicions were totally unfounded.

None the less, this didn’t prevent Israeli officials and spokespersons from pursuing a discourse based on lying in order to justify the murderous approach of the Zionist entity toward its Palestinian victims.

Indeed, a number of eyewitness testimonies from across the West Bank suggest that Israeli troops routinely resort to fabricating incidents in order to have a pretext to spill innocent Palestinian blood.

The fabricated scenarios include, inter alia, the following:
First, murdering a Palestinian haphazardly and then throwing or placing a knife next to his or her body to create the impression that he was trying to stab a soldier or settler. This scenario occurred several times in the span of the past two weeks in East Jerusalem and Hebron. Unfortunately, the Israeli media, state-run and otherwise, swallow the army narrative, hook, line and sinker. (See the following video)
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Did Israeli soldier plant knife on teen killed by settler?


Second, a group of settlers would slyly provoke a Palestinian youngster passing by, by hurling abuse at him like calling him “dirty Arab” or “son of a bitch”, and when the poor teenager responds in kind, the settlers would simply shoot him and probably throw a knife next to his body.

Moments later, the Israeli army spokesman and media would report that a Palestinian youngster, who tried to stab an Israeli citizen, was shot and killed and that no Israelis were hurt.

Such a fabricated incident occurred Saturday morning in Hebron when a number of heavily armed settler youths started cursing a Palestinian teen-ager named Fadl Kawasmi, 18, as he was walking home along the Shuhada Street.

A third scenario takes the form of a group of settlers would conspire to kill a given  Palestinian passer-by by shouting in unison “he is trying to stab us, he is trying to stab us”, so that nearby troops or soldiers called in would shoot him even without asking any question or trying to arrest the alleged suspect.

Another scenario, which took place in Jerusalem last week, occurred when a settler tried to pull the veil, a mere scarf, off a young Palestinian woman’s head, prompting the young woman to resist the brutish settler.

Her resistance prompted the brutish attacker and nearby soldiers to shoot the woman dead on the spot.

This didn’t prevent the Israeli media and police from shamelessly claiming that the woman had tried to stab the settler and other soldiers.

There is a particularly ugly feature characterizing Israel’s murderous approach toward Palestinian protests.

There are substantiated reports that Israeli troops, after shooting a Palestinian in the streets, would close off the area and declare it “a closed military zone” in order to leave the victim bleed to death.

This expression of criminality and callousness on the part of the Israeli army occurred at least five times in Jerusalem and Hebron in the past two weeks. The latest incident of this type occurred Saturday night in downtown Hebron when soldiers on rooftops shot a Palestinian youngster, leaving him to bleed to death, having prevented a Palestinian ambulance from giving first aid and taking him to hospital.

In fact, there are meticulously accurate documents indicting Israel and no amount of hasbara and prevarication would refute these hard facts.


I know that many Israelis know deep in their hearts that criminality and murderousness constitute Israel’s modus operandi toward the Palestinians.

I also know that no matter how Israeli criminality is exposed, Israel will continue to behave the way it is behaving.

This is because evilness is a built-in Israeli character which no amount of reform would neutralize.

So Israel is likely to escape with impunity with all these crimes against humanity as it has always done all along.

But this will only expedite and speed up the historical determinism of Israel’s ultimate demise.

Most people around the world are neither stupid nor gullible.

They watch Israel’s Nazi-like behavior being played out before their very eyes.
And like history’s judgment, humanity’s judgment may not be immediate. But it is inevitable.
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