Israel’s new ‘House of Cards’

By Amos Biderman in todays HaAretz

By Amos Biderman in today’s HaAretz


The backlash is slow to start …. but it IS starting (Click on links)

US may withdraw support for Israel at Security Council 

The Jewish backlash itself …

How Can We Support Israel’s Ideals — but Not Bibi’s Ugly Rhetoric? 


This alone is wonderful news …

Israel Election Result Complicates Life for Clinton

*This is great!

Turning to how Netanyahu managed to defy the polls and come out on top, Stewart noted that the prime minister had gone “full settler” in the final stretch of the campaign. The host showed clips explaining how Netanyahu made campaign stops in the settlements for the first time, pledged to never support a Palestinian state and in the end turned to race-baiting to drive up his numbers. 

The ‘race-baiting’


To see who the real victors were in the election, click on link (from yesterday’s post)



Arrogance does not make one a winner



Hope for a Free Palestine and Peace

Hope for a Free Palestine and Peace

What was almost a tradition in Israeli elections came to an end this year. Traditionally, the Palestinian electorate in Israel called for a boycott of the voting process. This time was different with leaders of both Hamas and Fatah urging them to vote for the ‘Joint Arab List’. Their call was endorsed by local Palestinian leaders in Israel itself.

At least two prominent Jews in Israel also endorsed the Party, Avraham Burg  and Gideon Levy, both urging Jews to vote for it. Uri Avnery was tempted to join the endorsers, but if you read THIS you will see how his zionist sentiments stopped him.

On Election Day itself, Netanyahu posted the following on his FaceBook page …

”Right wing gov’t in danger Arabs voting in droves”

This alone was an endorsement

Well, they did ‘vote in droves’ and here is the result …

The Victors of Hope!


The following analysis from Ynet

While the Joint Arab List hoped to gain 15 Knesset seats in the recent elections, it still garnered a big achievement with the 14 seats it received in Israel’s 20th Knesset. 

The Joint Arab List: Seven new MKs, two women and a lot of hope

Newly formed Joint Arab List becomes third largest party in the Knesset after elections; party members promise to take care of important issues in Arab sector and strengthen Palestinian identity.

While the Joint Arab List hoped to gain 15 Knesset seats in the recent elections, it still garnered a big achievement with the 14 seats it received in Israel’s 20th Knesset.

After a high voter turnout in the Arab sector, some polling stations registered a voter turnout of more than 70 percent, the true test of the Joint Arab List will be to stay united and prevent itself from scattering into smaller factions. Many Arab Israeli citizens called upon the members of the party to continue working together on a joint political platform.

The party has seven new MKs, among them the head of the Joint Arab List Aiman Uda, a resident of Haifa. The other new members include Aida Touma-Sliman (Akko), engineer Abd al-Hakim Hajj Yahya (Tayibe), Dr. Yosef Jabareen (Umm al-Fahem), lawyer Osama Sa’adi (Arraba), and Dr. Abdullah Abu Maaruf (Yarka).

The Joint Arab List includes two women and 12 men.

New MKs plan out Knesset term

“I hope these results will be a lever for continued cooperation with the (Arab) sector, in order to serve it in all sorts of areas, even outside of the Knesset,” said MK Abd al-Hakim Hajj Yahya.

“There are a lot of social causes that the Joint Arab List can contribute to. The results of the elections are not a surprise to us, but it is good news. The comments made by Netanyahu against the Arab sector in the last days of the campaign did not make a big impact, but the warning Netanyahu made is very dangerous for the continuation of co-existence,” said Hajj Yahya.

The Arab Israeli politician has already begun to plan his term in the next Knesset. “I am going to serve the Arab sector on central issues such as planning and construction law, in light of the problems we have in planning, industrial areas and building without a permit,” he said. “I will also take care of the advancement of local authorities because in my opinion authorities which plan to rehabilitate have not failed, but rather it shows that there is something in the government’s policy that needs to change.”

New MK Aida Touma-Sliman hopes to represent women. “I would like to deal with social issues in the next Knesset and the civil rights of the Arab population along with women’s rights which I have been occupied with for more than 20 years and will continue to be occupied with in the future.”

“Likewise, I will focus on the employment of Arab women and legislation to protect women from violence. Of course the diplomatic issue cannot be ignored and the aspects of political activity,” she added.

Regarding the election results, Touma-Sliman said: “Our results provide happiness and strengthen us. The public gave us its wide confidence and clearly said that it supports the approach of unity and the attempt to gain power and protect ourselves from the waves of racism that are washing over Israel.”

New MK Osama Sa’adi was disappointed with the change that did not end up coming: “The national right-wing camp and Netanyahu came out with a surprise and kept their reign. We are the third largest faction and this is the first time something like this has happened in history. We achieved another goal – the Yachad faction along with Eli Yishai and the racist Baruch Marzel are outside of the Knesset. Now the work begins to impact and bring about achievement for the sector that sent us.”

Sa’adi continued and said: “I want to work in my field, which is the Law and Justice Committee, to prevent racist legislation and to work for fair legislation for the Arab sector.”

Sa’adi also said he would like to work on the issue of Palestinian detainees which he says is “a subject that has been close to my heart for over 25 years.” Sa’adi also plans to work on subjects such as land confiscation and housing demolitions.

Regarding fears the list will separate once the new government forms, Sa’adi said, “We promised we would create a joint list and we created it, therefore the trust that the Arab sector gave us commits us to continue to work as one faction, there is no reason to break it down. We will not let the Arab public down.”

Dr. Yosef Jabraan, another new addition to the Joint Arab List, said that the party will focus on issues that were the basis of their election to the Knesset. “Education, housing and violence are the main issues that I want to deal with. These are the issues that our voters clearly brought up during the campaign,” he explained.

“The advancement of Arab education, including higher education, will be my priority, including the allocation of resources, including changing the curriculum to include the Arab-Palestinian identity as well as the restructuring of the system so that it will be managed by Arab educators. Without substantial reform of the education system, we cannot promote and advance the stance of the Arab citizens in Israel.”


The Final results as of today … Joint Arab List down one, Meretz up one


1. Benjamin Netanyahu
2. Gilad Erdan
3. Yuli Edelstein
4. Yisrael Katz
5. Miri Regev
6. Silvan Shalom
7. Moshe Ya’alon
8. Ze’ev Elkin
9. Danny Danon
10. Yariv Levin
11. Benny Begin
12. Tzachi Hanegbi
13. Yuval Steinitz
14. Gila Gamliel
15. Ofir Akunis
16. David Bitan
17. Haim Katz
18. Jackie Levy
19. Yoav Kish
20. Tzipi Hotovely
21. Dudu Amsalem
22. Miki Zohar
23. Anat Berko
24. Ayoub Kara
25. Nava Boker
26. Avi Dichter
27. Avraham Nagosa
28. Nurit Koren
29. Yaron Mazuz
30. Oren Hazan

Zionist Union

1. Isaac Herzog
2. Tzipi Livni
3. Shelly Yachimovich
4. Stav Shaffir
5. Itzik Shmuli
6. Omer Bar-Lev
7. Hilik Bar
8. Amir Peretz
9. Merav Michaeli
10. Eitan Cabel
11. Manuel Trajtenberg
12. Erel Margalit
13. Mickey Rosenthal
14. Revital Swid
15. Danny Atar
16. Yoel Hasson
17. Zuhair Bahloul
18. Eitan Broshi
19. Michal Biran
20. Nachman Shai
21. Ksenia Svetlova
22. Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin
23. Yossi Yona
24. Eyal Ben-Reuven

Join (Arab) List

1. Ayman Odeh
2. Masud Ganaim
3. Jamal Zahalka
4. Ahmad Tibi
5. Aida Touma-Sliman
6. Abd al-Hakim Hajj Yahiya
7. Hanin Zoabi
8. Dov Khenin
9. Taleb Abu Arar
10 Yosef Jabareen
11. Basel Ghattas
12. Osama Sa’adi
13. Abdullah Abu Ma’aruf

Yesh Atid

1. Yair Lapid
2. Shai Piron
3. Yael German
4. Meir Cohen
5. Ya’akov Peri
6. Ofer Shelah
7. Haim Jelin
8. Karin Elharar
9. Yoel Razvozov
10. Aliza Lavie
11. Mickey Levy


1. Moshe Kahlon
2. Yoav Galant
3. Eli Elalouf
4. Michael Oren
5. Rachel Azaria
6. Tali Floskob
7. Yifat Sasha-Biton
8. Eli Cohen
9. Roy Folkman
10. Merav Ben Ari

Jewish Home

1. Naftali Bennett
2. Uri Ariel
3. Ayelet Shaked
4. Eli Ben-Dahan
5. Nissan Slomiansky
6. Yinon Magal
7. Moti Yogev
8. Bezalel Smotrich


1. Aryeh Deri
2. Yitzhak Cohen
3. Meshulam Nahari
4. Yakov Margi
5. David Azoulay
6. Yoav Ben-Tzur
7. Yitzhak Vaknin

Yisrael Beytenu

1. Avigdor Lieberman
2. Orly Levy-Abekasis
3. Sofa Landver
4. Ilan Shohat
5. Sharon Gal
6. Hamad Amar

United Torah Judaism

1. Yaakov Litzman
2. Moshe Gafni
3. Meir Porush
4. Uri Maklev
5. Eliezer Moses
6. Israel Eichler


1. Zehava Gal-On
2. Ilan Gilon
3. Issawi Freij
4. Michal Rozin
5. Tamar Zandberg


And the Hope of Return!


Jon Stewart’s take on the Election results …

Jon Stewart Mocks Netanyahu: ‘Ginning Up Racist Fears of Minority Turnout’? That’s Our Thing!


The votes have been tallied from yesterday’s election … once again the people of Israel have lost their chances of becoming a part of the human race and taking its place in the community of nations.

The ugly face of zionization will still be the face the world sees when it looks at Israel …


There were at least two positive aspects of the election …

First, the combined Palestinian Parties in in the race maintained their power and came in third.

Secondly, the Party of Eli Yishai which put American born fascist Baruch Marzel in their 4th spot failed to get even one seat in the upcoming Knesset. Marzel swore to take the smile of MK Zoabi’s face, you will see in the photos below that this did not happen.

Baruch Marzel, Eli Yishai Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Baruch Marzel, Eli Yishai Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

It is still unclear who will be in the new government, but it will undoubtedly be headed by Netanyahu. The President of Israel seems to be leaning to declare a ‘Unity Government’ of the two major parties. This would only lead to continued stalemates on all issues and would surely mean another election in the very near future. It might be a ploy of Rivlin to get back at Netanyahu for not backing him in his bid for the Presidency a few months ago.

But, as things stand, Israelis voted to maintain the anti Israeli feelings that are manifesting themselves throughout the world, especially in Europe, in many instances at the cost of many innocent Jewish and Muslim lives. They have voted to continue the policies of Apartheid, Occupation and Ethnic Cleansing within Israel itself. They have voted to continue building new and expanding illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank. They have voted to continue the siege of Gaza. Jerusalem will remain as an undivided city under zionist control with home demolitions and mass evictions in the Palestinian sector continuing. The ugly face of zion will remain for now.

Here are the faces of the next Knesset …. another post will soon follow as to who will be in the government itself.

Likud (Right)


Zionist Union (Slightly left of Right, but still wrong)


(Genuine Left)


Yesh Atid (Right of Centre)


Kulanu (Right of Centre)


Bayit Yehudi (Very Right of Centre)


Shas  (Religious Right)

Yesterday, many voters received SMS text messages from the grave of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,  late spiritual head of this Right Party, saying that if you don’t vote for Shas that he won’t forgive you in this world or in the world to come. 

Halloween came early this year 😉


United Torah Judaism (Religious Right)


Yisrael Beytenu list (Extreme Right)


Meretz (Left)


The above results are not 100% conclusive, there might be slight changes.

Hopefully soon a more positive report will follow …

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It’s like a Larry David production

Larry David

Larry David

The major stars

The major stars

Debating the 'issues'

Debating the ‘issues’

HaAretz's latest poll

HaAretz’s latest poll


The campaign trail on the other side of the pond

The campaign trail on the other side of the pond


Campaign in full swing in the Israeli District of Washington, DC

Campaign in full swing in the Israeli District of Washington, DC


Congress loved Bibi's speech

Congress loved Bibi’s speech


As did AIPAC the day before

As did AIPAC the day before


The rafters almost came down from the excitement

The rafters almost came down from the excitement


Mayhem in the streets of Washington and Tel Aviv after the speech

Mayhem in the streets of Washington and Tel Aviv after the speech

The worst part is that Bibi is making a joke out of it … instead of putting forth a program, his game is to attack the opposition … Sound familiar? 


Hillary played the same game in 2008 …

But that hasn’t stopped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and two of his challengers from copying it.

No matter who wins, the American taxpayer loses :(

No matter who wins, the American taxpayer loses 😦

...........From an earlier post ...


When most of the major players refuse to raise issues, what else could be expected?

As things stand now, the only losers in the upcoming election will be the electorate themselves.

Anyone thinking that Pretty Boy Lapid or War Criminal Livni would make a difference is barking up the wrong tree.


Considering the fact that he's paying for the election, he has a right to interfere ;) From

Considering the fact that he’s paying for the election, he has a right to interfere 😉

...........From Reuters via Ynet

Netanyahu says sees ‘worldwide’ effort to topple him

‘Nothing is guaranteed because there is a huge, worldwide effort to topple the Likud government,’ says prime minister.



And here is what he didn’t say to Congress

The real reason for the trip …

Shocker! Benjamin Netanyahu Uses Speech to Congress in Campaign Ad

‘Non-Partisan’ Claim Out Window as Election Crunchtime Arrives


Despite denials that his speech to Congress was a bid to boost his party in national elections in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s party released a campaign ad showing him being applauded by congressmen.

The 80-second ad released Thursday comes as polls show Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party trailing the opposition Zionist Union by between three and five seats in Israel’s Knesset following the elections.

The ad shows Netanyahu speaking in the House Chamber and shows at least one of his standing ovations from members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. It juxtaposes scenes of Netanyahu speaking to Knesset, panning the empty seats of his opposition, to scenes of what appear to be a full House chamber and wild applause.

At least 60 congressmen boycotted the speech, citing, among other reasons, its taking place March 3, exactly two weeks before the Israeli elections. Netanyahu and his defenders said the preeminent reason for the speech was the urgency opposing Iran nuclear talks backed by President Barack Obama. The deadline for an outline of an agreement in the talks is March 24.

Netanyahu spoke at the invitation of the House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who in a breach of protocol did not consult the White House, congressional Democrats or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. No Obama administration officials attended the speech, and Vice President Joe Biden, who conventionally co-chairs such events with the House speaker, was out of the country.

Obama declined to meet with Netanyahu while he was in Washington, also citing the proximity of Israel’s national elections.

How AlJazeera views Bibi’s ads …

Netanyahu under fire over election campaign ads


“Minister Lieberman’s comments are divisive and unacceptable. Even suggesting that violence is an appropriate course of action against political rivals is beyond the pale.”

Doctored image circulated on Palestinian social media of Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman depicting him as Islamic State executioner, Jihadi John. (photo credit: nrg news website / screenshot)

Doctored image circulated on Palestinian social media of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman depicting him as Islamic State executioner, Jihadi John. (photo credit: nrg news website / screenshot)

ADL blasts Lieberman for remark urging beheadings

The Anti-Defamation League denounced on Tuesday remarks made by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in which he implied that Arabs disloyal to Israel should be decapitated — calling the comments “divisive and unacceptable.”

The prominent anti-Semitism watchdog’s censure came amid threats by Palestinian lawmakers to have Lieberman tried before the International Criminal Court for his comments.

Speaking at an elections event at the IDC, the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, the Yisrael Beytenu party head had said Sunday that Israeli Arabs who support the state “should receive everything [in terms of rights]; those against us, it cannot be helped, we must lift up an ax and behead them — otherwise we will not survive here.”

ADL National Director Abraham Foxman upbraided Lieberman for his remarks and urged all candidates in Israel’s upcoming general election to avoid extremist rhetoric.

“Minister Lieberman’s comments are divisive and unacceptable. Even suggesting that violence is an appropriate course of action against political rivals is beyond the pale,” Foxman said

“While the last week of any election campaign features frenzied political positioning, we urge all candidates to exercise restraint in their language and avoid extremist rhetoric,” he said.

Israel’s general elections are scheduled for March 17.

Lieberman shrugged off the Palestinian ICC threat and traded barbs with Israeli-Arab Knesset members, threatening to revoke their citizenship if appointed defense minister. The ICC is based in The Hague in the Netherlands.

Arab Joint List MK Ahmad Tibi vowed to prosecute the foreign minister and labeled him the “Jewish Islamic State,” comparing Lieberman to the ruthless terror group that has carved out swaths of Syria and Iraq.

Israeli Arab rights group Adalah beat Tibi to the punch Monday and asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to open an investigation into Lieberman’s remarks for inciting violence.

Palestinian social media was also abuzz over Lieberman comments, with one circulated image comparing the Yisrael Beytenu chief to Islamic State executioner Jihadi John.

Lieberman hit back at the building opprobrium by reiterating that forceful actions must be taken against those who endanger the Jewish state.

“[The Palestinian Authority] will get an answer to that from me as defense minister,” he said, reflecting his aspirations for the powerful post after next week’s vote.

The latest polls predict Lieberman Yisrael Beytenu will win five or six seats in the 120-member parliament, which would make it difficult for him to receive a significant ministerial position, were he to join a coalition.




As if yesterday’s post wasn’t convincing enough, zion continues its attacks against Palestinians for speaking the truth in comparing zionism to ISIS …

The head of communications for the Joint Arab List party, Raja Za’atra, caused an outrage on Tuesday when he compared the Islamic State to the Zionist movement and claimed Hamas was not a terror organization. 

The true face of zion

The true face of zion

Arab list spokesman raises ire over comparison of Zionism to ISIS

‘Where do you think Islamic State learned these things? Look for what the Zionist movement did in 1948. The rape, the looting, the murder… the exact same things,’ Joint Arab List spokesman says at political panel.


The head of communications for the Joint Arab List party, Raja Za’atra, caused an outrage on Tuesday when he compared the Islamic State to the Zionist movement and claimed Hamas was not a terror organization.

During a political panel organized by the Bar Ilan University’s student union, Za’atra said: “Where do you think Daesh (Islamic State) learned these things?”

After someone in the audience responded with “From you!”, Za’atra continued: “Look for what the Zionist movement did in 1948. The rape, the looting, the murder… the exact same things.”

Za'atra at the panel (Photo: Bar Ilan students union)

Za’atra at the panel (Photo: Bar Ilan students union)

Ignoring the loud booing from the audience, Za’atra went on: “Daesh is the strategic partner to the State of Israel’s anti-peace policy.”

Za’atra, however, does not regret his comments. “I believe in every word,” he said after the panel.

The Zionist Union issued a harsh denunciation of Za’atra’s comments. “We expect the heads of the (Arab) list to immediately renounce these outrageous comment comparing Israel and the Islamic State, as well as his remark that Hamas is not a terror organization,” the party said in a statement. “The comparison between beheaders who have no humanity, to a nation that was reborn and made many contributions to the world, is intolerable and points to ignorance and hatred.”

The party went on to say that “we believe Israeli Arab citizens expect the Joint List to promote their rights and their needs and to solve their economic and social problems, rather than fan the flames of incitement and lies that will achieve the opposite. It’s regretful that the spokespeople of the Joint List are damaging the desire of the Arab and Jewish publics to live in coexistence. The Zionist Union will fight any attempt – both from within and from without – to hurt the morality of the establishment of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic country with full equality to all. So will we also fight Hamas – an Islamist terror organization seeking Israel’s annihilation, and we will ensure it remains on the list of terror organizations.”

Coalition chairman MK Ze’ev Elkin (Likud), who was present at the panel, also issured a condemnation. “Those who allow Hanin Zoabi run for Knesset should not be surprised when her friends praise Hamas or compared the horror of the Islamic State to the Zionist movement. I’m just wondering why (Amos) Yadlin and the Labor party chose to boycott (Baruch) Marzel but didn’t mind sitting next to a Hamas supporter.”

The Joint Arab List said that “the things were said in response to provocation from one of the panel’s participants, who claimed Daesh (Islamic State) learned their acts from the representative of the Joint List. The Joint List has issued a decisive statement against Daesh’s crimes, and it condemns them regardless of any other historic event.”

Sweidan Rifat, the academic adviser for Arab students at Bar Ilan University, said that “the atmosphere during the debate was positive, and in this positive atmosphere there was also a mutual democratic dialogue between the representative of the Arab party and Jewish students.”


Report FROM



Surprised? You shouldn’t be as it was raised and defended by fascist candidate Baruch Marzel.

“We came here to say we’re devoted and committed to continue the battle till the last illegal resident from Africa will (go) back to his home in Africa,” said Marzel.

When asked about allegations of “racism” being leveled by leftist sources against the struggle with illegal immigration, he remarked “if saving the state of Israel from millions of Africans coming in and destroying the state of Israel is racism, that is the problem of (those) saying it. I’m fighting for the existence of my country.”

If anyone is an illegal immigrant it’s Marzel himself, a founding member of an outlawed terrorist organisation on both sides of the pond.

Sad that the fascists are the only ones honest enough to raise issues

Sad that the fascists are the only ones honest enough to raise issues


Not voting is complicity. It is a stamp of approval of the present situation.
 Gideon Levy agrees!

Those who hesitate because it’s an “Arab party” should remember the role that Jews played in the African National Congress during the apartheid era. They did not recoil because it was a black movement. They did not hesitate because it was not their battle, supposedly.

The ANC was the movement of the oppressed natives of South Africa, and the Joint List is the movement of the oppressed natives of Israel.

Why Israel’s Jews must vote for the Arab list

Those who hesitate because Joint List is an ‘Arab party’ should remember the role that Jews played in the African National Congress during the apartheid era.

A still from the Joint List's campaign video showing a girl holding up a sign reading 'March 17.'

A still from the Joint List’s campaign video showing a girl holding up a sign reading ‘March 17.’

The Joint List is the clear ray of light in this election season. It’s important for many Arabs to vote for it, and no less important for many Jews to do likewise. There is no more appropriate way for anyone who is guided by moral and ethical standards to demonstrate empathy and register protest.

Those who hesitate because it’s an “Arab party” should remember the role that Jews played in the African National Congress during the apartheid era. They did not recoil because it was a black movement. They did not hesitate because it was not their battle, supposedly.

The ANC was the movement of the oppressed natives of South Africa, and the Joint List is the movement of the oppressed natives of Israel.

There were a few South African Jews with a conscience who not only supported the ANC but also fought, were injured and were banned alongside their black comrades.

Denounced as traitors then, today they are a great source of pride – to Jews as well. Joe Slovo, the commander of the ANC military wing who went on to become a cabinet minister in the post-apartheid government; Ronnie Kasrils; Albie Sachs, who became a justice in South Africa’s Constitutional Court; and Ben Turok, who became a member of parliament – these were among many who fought shoulder-to-shoulder with the oppressed blacks, despite or perhaps because they were white Jews who enjoyed all the privileges of the apartheid regime.

Less is being asked of Jews in Israel, for now. They are called upon to identify with a new party that offers a promise of something new. There is no need to ignore its failure to put more Jews on its slate, and it is okay to be upset that it did not sign a surplus votes agreement with Meretz. One can be skeptical of the future relations of its various components, but anyone who dreams of genuine change, not about replacing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Isaac Herzog, must vote for the Joint List.

What better option is there for the Israeli voter who can no longer bear the occupation in the territories and the ultranationalism within Israel, of the ruse that Israel is both Jewish and democratic, of the injustices of present-day Zionism, and who perhaps has reached the conclusion that the two-state solution is dead? Who will they vote for?

Are there many other party heads as impressive, eloquent and refreshing as Ayman Odeh? Are there many other MKs as outstanding as Ahmad Tibi, Jamal Zahalka, Dov Khenin and even, yes, even Haneen Zoabi? Is there another party that does not demand “support for Israel Defense Forces soldiers” at the start of every pointless war?

If the overwhelming majority of Arabs vote for them, they will, for the first time, enter the heart of the political dialogue in Israel – to the annoyance of nearly all the other parties.

If many Jews also vote for it, we can begin to speak of a “game changer,” and perhaps even of a good omen.

Just imagine: The Joint List is the third largest party in the Knesset. The coalition belongs to Netanyahu, Herzog and Yair Lapid. Odeh is selected leader of the opposition – the heir of Menachem Begin, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Shamir, Ehud Barak, Netanyahu, all prime ministers who held the position at one point.

The prime minister is obligated to brief him on security and diplomatic matters, “no less than once a month,” by law. The law requires him to address the Knesset after every speech by the premier. Foreign heads of state meet with him and listen to his views. As a symbol of government, he is protected by the Shin Bet security service. Perhaps for the first time in its history, Israel has a true leader of opposition.

A few stereotypes will be shattered in a single, not-imaginary act that might also usher in a deep change in consciousness.

Odeh could surprise us yet, as he already surprised many Israelis who were not even aware of the existence of the combinations “Arab and impressive,” “Palestinian and charming.” His party must get a lot of votes for this process to begin. His friends must support him and many Jews must choose the Israeli ANC, which could yet prove it has what it takes to prevent the establishment of a second apartheid state, the apartheid state of the Land of Israel.


He might have believed his speech was the best campaigning ever …. but his opposition is cashing in on it …


The Emporer's Nuke Clothes Image by Katie Miranda

The Emporer’s Nuke Clothes
Image by Katie Miranda


Before the event, Marzel wrote on his Facebook page “Zoabi, I’m coming for you”. In the post, the rightwing politician slammed the college for agreeing to host Zoabi. He urged supporters to meet him outside the event and help him “wipe that smile off her face.” 

Firebrand Arab MK Hanin Zoabi attacked during election panel

Young Israeli student allegedly throws bottle at MK Zoabi during election panel at the Ramat Gan College of Law and Business.

An election panel has ended in violence after a firebrand Arab lawmaker was allegedly attacked by an Israeli student in central Israel Tuesday.

The incident took place at Ramat Gan College of Law and Business and according to suspicions and a video obtained by Ynet an Israeli student poured a soft drink on MK Hanin Zoabi, known for her polarizing views on Israel and the Palestinians.

Zoabi was recently barred from running in the March 17th elections, but the High Court later overturned the ban, allowing her to vie for reelection as part of the United Arab party list. Zoabi is originally a member of the Balad party – a party with a strong nationalistic Palestinian strain.

According to the police, during the event, a 28-year-old man from Ramat Gan was arrested for allegedly throwing a bottle at the lawmaker. A Palestinian flag was also waved and might have triggered the violent protest by radical rightwing activists.

The event was also attended by a number of far right activists from the anti-Arab Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party, including Baruch Marzel, who was also banned from running – a ban that was overturned as well.

Before the event, Marzel wrote on his Facebook page “Zoabi, I’m coming for you”. In the post, the rightwing politician slammed the college for agreeing to host Zoabi. He urged supporters to meet him outside the event and help him “wipe that smile off her face.”

After the incident, the party posted an image on their Facebook of Zoabi wiping herself from the liqud thrown at her, with the text “We kept our promise. We wiped her smile away”.

In a statement, the far right party wrote that “We regret that the police are creating drama from this event. Zoabi was being provocative and we will demand that they release (the activist).”

“The current election campaign continues the wave of racism, exclusion, and violence that characterized the latest government’s tenure,” said Aiman Uda, chairman of the United Arab List. “It’s sad to see that even in academic institutions, it is no longer possible to have an open dialogue and present an array of opinions.

“The violence against MK Hanin Zoabi and her team derives from serious and dangerous statements by public representatives who, rather than behaving responsibly, incite hatred and anger in an attempt to gain votes at the ballot box. The united list will continue to act against violence and to encourage a far and democratic debate.”

Labor MK Michal Biran said that during the chaos, she was elbowed in the stomach and almost knocked off a flight of stairs. “It was violent and shocking,” she said. “Both sides arrived already riled up and did not allow us to restore calm.”

The college condemned the incident, saying it was a provocation on part of both Marzel and Zoabi.

History of violence

This is not the first time an Arab lawmaker has been attacked: In 2012, a young girl spat at MK Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al) was following a political debate at Bar-Ilan University. The incident also took place at an event involving the far right party – then called Otzma LeYisrael (Strength to Israel).

Arab students claimed that at least three people had spat at Tibi, while Jewish students said just one girl had done it.

In the same year, then-MK Anastassia Michaeli (Yisrael Beiteinu) threw water at MK Ghaleb Majadele (Labor) after he called her a “fascist.”

“Majadele will learn not to insult women. He hurt the honor of the Knesset and of this place,” Michaeli said afterwards. She was later sanctioned for he actions by the Knesset and was also removed from the party’s ticket during the following election.



Meanwhile, the PM ‘campaigns’ on the other side of the pond …


With the Israeli election just a bit less than a month away, there still has not been any issues raised by the major players. The United Arab List has been the only Party that has …

The joint list’s platform — which was distributed at the Nazareth event — contains eight points. Foremost is a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the two states, with East Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital and a “just solution” to the Palestinian refugee issue based on the right of return as enshrined by the United Nations. The platform calls for the dismantling of all West Bank settlements and the “racist separation wall.” “I think this is the one thing we didn’t have to argue about,” said Touma-Suleiman.

All Together Now: Members of the Knesset from Israeli Arab parties gather to announce a unified joint list in Israel’s national election.

All Together Now: Members of the Knesset from Israeli Arab parties gather to announce a unified joint list in Israel’s national election.

Can Israel’s New Arab List Make History?

Coalition Hopes for More Clout — and Slice of Jewish Vote

By Naomi Zeveloff

At 6 p.m. on a Saturday in mid February — while Jewish Israel was just powering back on after the Sabbath — about 2,000 Arab Israelis gathered in a ballroom in Nazareth’s industrial zone. The occasion was the campaign kickoff of a unified bloc of Arab political factions running together on one list for the first time in history, ahead of the Israeli election.

Men in keffiyehs and suits, women and young families streamed into the room as reporters set up tripods near the stage. A group of college-age students wearing red shirts in support of Hadash, the joint Jewish-Arab communist party, stood in the back of the ballroom. Soon, the Knesset’s Arab luminaries, including Haneen Zoabi and Ahmad Tibi, took their seats at the front of the room. Dov Khenin, a Jewish parliamentarian in Hadash, sat at the end of the row. Later in the evening, the Beatles’ “Imagine” would play on the loudspeaker ahead of his Hebrew-language speech.

“It’s historic,” said Mariam Farah, a 28-year-old activist from Haifa and former parliamentary assistant to Balad’s Basel Ghattas. Farah came to the event with a friend who had never voted before. “For years, you would hear the same argument: ‘If you get together, we will vote.’ Now, it came true.”

The joint list represents four different Arab parties inside Israel: Hadash, the Jewish-Arab communist party; Ra’am, an Islamist group whose base is in southern Israel; and Ta’al and Balad, two nationalist groups. All four parties are currently represented in the Knesset: Hadash has four seats; Balad and Ra’am both have three. Ta’al’s only lawmaker is Tibi.

The impetus behind their unification, announced in January, was a new law engineered by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to raise the threshold for entering the Knesset from 2% to 3.25% of votes cast. That’s the equivalent of four seats, which would disqualify small parties.

“We admit that it is a challenge for us because of the threshold law,” said Aida Touma-Suleiman, a member of Hadash, who is fifth on the list. “That made us very keen about coming together in order to avoid the situation, or the danger, of not being able to be represented in the next Knesset.”

Widely seen as an effort by Lieberman to oust Arab parties from the government, the new regulations will likely do just the opposite. With the election less than a month away, polls show that the joint list could yield as many as 15 seats in the 120-member Knesset, making it the third largest bloc in the Israeli government, behind Likud and the Zionist Camp. (Other polls show the list neck and neck with Jewish Home with 12 seats.)

“Even a right-wing government has to understand that this is a new game now,” said Touma-Suleiman.

Though the candidates have been united historically on most issues regarding Israel’s Arab minority, the joint effort bridged ideological fault lines, particularly on women’s rights. In the past, Balad — currently represented by Zoabi, an outspoken feminist — partnered with Hadash to increase Christian and Muslim women’s access to civil courts, a move opposed in the Knesset by Ra’am, the Islamic party, according to Jafar Farah, the director of Mossawa, an advocacy group for Arab Israelis.

More recently, Khenin caused a small political quake among the list when he said he supported the sale of French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Israel and was criticized by Arab Israelis who were insulted by the publication’s depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

The joint list’s platform — which was distributed at the Nazareth event — contains eight points. Foremost is a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the two states, with East Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital and a “just solution” to the Palestinian refugee issue based on the right of return as enshrined by the United Nations. The platform calls for the dismantling of all West Bank settlements and the “racist separation wall.” “I think this is the one thing we didn’t have to argue about,” said Touma-Suleiman.

Other mandates include implementing full equality for the Arab-Palestinian public inside Israel, abandoning the Prawer plan to resettle Bedouins, overturning the draft requirement for Druze citizens, fighting against poverty and for workers rights, preserving the status of the Arabic language and, lastly, eradicating nuclear weapons — including Israel’s — from the Middle East. (Israel has never publicly acknowledged its nuclear weapons cache.)

The list has the possibility not only to change Arab representation in the Knesset, but to fundamentally remake grassroots Arab politics inside of Israel for the first time in four decades. In 1976 — 10 years after Israel ended its military rule of Arabs inside the state — Israel announced that it would confiscate thousands of dunums of land in the Galilee for settlement and security reasons, sparking a series of Arab strikes and protests. In the ensuing clashes with the Israeli army and police, six Arabs were killed and hundreds arrested. Land Day, as the event is remembered by Palestinians all over the world, was a turning point in Arab citizens’ relationship to the state, marking the end of Arabs voting for the Labor Party and the rise of Hadash.

Since then, several other Arab political parties have made it to the Knesset, but their influence within the Israeli government has been limited. Though Arabs make up 20% of the Israeli public, no Arab party has ever been part of a governing coalition, nor has an Arab politician ever held a ministry portfolio.

Arab voting in Israel has been on a downward decline over the past few decades: In the 2013 election, about 57% of Arabs voted, compared with the overall voting rate of 67%. Analysts estimate that 10% to 15% of the Arab public boycotts the Knesset elections as an ideological rejection of Israeli rule in historic Palestine. The Northern Islamic movement, a faction in Arab politics in favor of an Islamic state in Israel, opted not to be included in the joint list for this reason.

Roughly 2,000 Arab Israelis gather in a ballroom in Nazareth’s industrial zone to celebrate the Arab List’s campaign kickoff.

Roughly 2,000 Arab Israelis gather in a ballroom in Nazareth’s industrial zone to celebrate the Arab List’s campaign kickoff.

But many other Arabs simply don’t see the point in voting, particularly given Israel’s rightward shift in recent years, which has brought a host of proposals aimed against them, such as Jewish Nation State Bill, an effort to cement Israel’s status as a Jewish state. Arabs also point to the Central Election Committee’s disqualification of Zoabi — later overruled by the Israeli High Court — as further evidence of how Arab Knesset members are marginalized in the Israeli government. Over the summer, several Arab Knesset members were roughed up by the Israeli police in protests against the Gaza war.

“I think a lot of Palestinians, and it is a growing number over the past 20 years, have lost their faith in both the Israeli establishment and in a sense of being part of the parliament,” said Hana Amouri, co-director of Sedaka-Reut, a joint Jewish-Arab youth program in Jaffa. “People don’t see any sense in this. There’s a political analysis that says that Israel uses the Arab representatives to say it is a democracy, and in order to fight Israel we need not to vote and we need to boycott the parliament and then we can say we are not a represented minority.”

The unification of the Arab parties into a single Knesset list could begin to reverse the trend of low voter turnout among Arabs in Israel. According to a study published by the Abraham Fund, a not-for-profit focused on Jewish-Arab coexistence, voter turnout could rise by around 10%, up to almost 67% of voters.

Yet ironing out the unification details took time, and the list has just begun its get-out-the vote efforts. “They started very late and they have a long history of not cooperating,” said Amouri, who is also a Hadash activist and will be reaching out to new voters herself. “Now they need to sit and vote together. It takes time.”

Touma-Suleiman said that she is also aiming to sell the list to Jews in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. “I’m traveling a lot and visiting a lot of the Jewish communities and I see the interest in the list,” she said. “Many of the Jewish citizens are really disappointed in the other parties that exist who fail to protect democracy, who did not deliver any solutions. They are willing to take that step [to vote for the Arab list] in order to guarantee that there will be a very clear voice protecting all.”

Some observers say the election could bring about a new political reality among Arab Israelis, not only in the Knesset, but also on the ground, by strengthening the democratic process inside Arab communities. Arab-Israelis could, among other things, elect representatives for an Arab national body, which would no doubt influence the makeup of a future Knesset list.

“In the next election, people will ask themselves, ‘Who said this is the only political power that exists in the Arab community?’” said Jafar Farah of Mossawa. “This will push everyone to a situation where they will tell themselves, ‘We need to go to a direct election internally.’”

Israel’s political right, meanwhile, has reacted strongly to Arab unification. Lieberman slammed the Arab factions as a joint project to obliterate Israel, a claim that Tibi refuted at a recent Haaretz conference on Israeli democracy, saying, “I would like to declare here on behalf of the list that we are not here to destroy the state of Israel. Lieberman and Bennett [a representative of far-right Jewish Home] do it so much better.”

The center-left Zionist Camp also distanced itself from the list when it voted to disqualify Zoabi from the Knesset.

Jafar Farah said that the unification of the disparate parties should be an example to Arab states around Israel. “[Jewish] Israelis don’t understand that there is a regional process taking place, and the Arab community is looking for its way to create a democratic platform in the Palestinian community to reach a consensus of how to work together,” he said. “This is the challenge that the community is facing today — how the secular or national groups will find a way to work with Muslim movements.”

Mariam Farah, the activist at the joint list kickoff, said that she had already started her own get-out-the-vote effort with her parents, who previously did not see the point of voting. “I see the Knesset as a utility,” she said. “It’s the way people can hear your voice.”


There has been much talk in Israel since THIS was posted two days ago … adding to the non issues of the present election campaign. 

Video can be seen again towards the bottom of THIS  report after it was removed from YouTube yesterday.

Sara Netanyahu in the video produced by designer Moshik Galamin. 'Many were not fooled by her attempt to refute the rumors about hedonism and squandering'

Sara Netanyahu in the video produced by designer Moshik Galamin. ‘Many were not fooled by her attempt to refute the rumors about hedonism and squandering’


In this particular case, one must look at the residents of the house rather than the structure itself as was reported in a Ynet Op-Ed today …

So think about it. It’s not the house, it’s the landlords.

It’s not the house,
it’s the couple who lives in

Even those who were fooled by the misrepresentation of the poor condition of the prime minister’s residence cannot ignore Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu’s sickening behavior, as revealed in the state comptroller’s report.

The really sickening thing about the state comptroller’s report is not the criminal issue. As always, it’s the small things, which teach us more than anything about Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu’s character.

For example, the claim that employees from the Prime Minister’s Office were sent on all kinds of errands by Netanyahu and were forced to pay from their own pockets for his private purchases, and did not receive a refund for these expenses.

Think for a minute about such an employee, who earns a few thousand shekels a month, and who is sent by the prime minister, who is worth tens of millions of shekels according to Forbes Magazine, to buy him eye drops, or newspapers, or a cup of coffee and a pastry. That worker, who can barely provide for his family, is already familiar with this ritual. He knows that he will never see the money again, but he can’t refuse the errand.

Imagine him on his way to the local drugstore, as he calculates the money he is about to spend. And no, we don’t expect the prime minister to stand in line at the drugstore, as some of Netanyahu’s poodles who were sent to defend him claimed on Tuesday. Like Deputy Minister Tzipi Hotovely, who wasn’t ashamed to mock the criticism – because what is 42 shekels for a cold medication when it’s the prime minister we’re talking about?

Well Hotovely, a few dozen shekels can mean a lot for some people, and there is no reason in the world why they should finance the prime minister’s private needs. We would expect the prime minister would make a gesture he is probably unfamiliar with and has never done in his life – put his hand in his pocket and pay his employee back for the expense. He should be the one settling the account with whoever he has to, not the employee.

And it was so disgusting listening to Minister Gilad Erdan, an intelligent and eloquent guy, quoting the messages Mrs. Netanyahu had dictated to him several hours earlier, and willing to serve as the family’s rag and clean up all the dirt after them. And this is the man who wants to be responsible of the public coffers in the next term. How can a person who aspires to reach the highest positions defend Netanyahu’s attempt to avoid paying drought tax, a tax that he himself imposed and which all the citizens of the State of Israel are required to pay, except for the prime minister – for the water in his private swimming pool.

So there’s no need to ask whether it’s criminal or not. There are those who believe that the report includes criminal aspects which the attorney general should look into. How long do you think it will take the attorney general to come back with answers? So let go of the criminal aspects.

Each person should ask himself whether the things he was exposed to this week meet his standards. Because even those who were fooled by the misrepresentation of the poor condition of the prime minister’s residence, as it was reflected in the video produced by celebrity designer Moshik Galamin, could have been convinced on Tuesday that it’s not the house, it’s the landlords.

Because there isn’t a reasonable person who would fall for the claim that with an expense budget of NIS 3.144 million (about $810,000) in 2011, they couldn’t have changed the curtain, fixed the doors, painted the walls and made sure that the shaky chairs the prime minister sits on when he goes down to the first-floor kitchen won’t creak. Or that with a cleaning budget which reached NIS 1.230 million that year, Mrs. Netanyahu should find dust on the lamp. More than NIS 75,000 a month for cleaning both houses – the Jerusalem residence and the private home in Caesarea – while they hardly even live in one of these houses.

Yaakov Borovsky, a former major-general in the Israel Police, who is singlehandedly staining his magnificent career, was sent by the family on Tuesday to provide explanations and wasn’t ashamed to say that the house in Caesarea isn’t empty. Why there are security guards there all week long, and someone has to clean after them. I believe that even Sara Netanyahu’s heart missed a beat upon hearing that. security guards inside the Caesarea home? Heaven forbid. Why even the prime minister’s guests have no access to the house.

And if we thought that the inflated budget for the candles consumed by the Netanyahu family would reduce the electricity bill, it turns out that the family consumes a private electrician. And not just an electrician, but one who arrives at the Caesarea home every week, including on Yom Kippur, and earned more than NIS 10,000 in three months. That electrician also happens to be a friend of the Netanyahu family, and he was employed against the recommendation of a special committee.

And we have yet to talk about the clothing, makeup and hair design expenses, which reached NIS 144,000 during one of the examined years. And the money spent on meals ordered for the family members from gourmet restaurants. I wonder how many tons of schnitzel and mashed potatoes one can buy for more than NIS 70,000.

So no, it’s not the house, it’s the landlords. And even if it’s not criminal, it’s sickening.

In Galamin’s video, Sara Netanyahu tried to refute the rumors about hedonism, squandering, even about her obsession with order and cleanliness. She was willing to opened up a messy cupboard in front of the camera and present a finger covered with dust in order to prove that she is not what people think.

Many were not fooled by this performance. Netanyahu’s supporters stood behind him as always. But what about the hundreds of thousands of undecided voters? What are they thinking now, the day after the report that proves it’s all true: The hedonism, the squandering. The disgusting stinginess. The prime minister’s unstoppable engagement in marginal issues. The fact that the Netanyahu family discounts people. That they treat their employees like subjects. That the emperor and empress think they are entitled to everything, that they won’t even take a penny out of their own pocket, even if it’s at the expense of hardworking employees.

So does it really matter if it’s criminal or not, with this person as our leader? And what has he done in the past six years which justifies turning a blind eye, ignoring the corruption, the pretentiousness, the rule of a couple who thinks it deserves everything.

So think about it. It’s not the house, it’s the landlords.

#IsraeliElectionUpdates ~~ FASCISM BACKFIRES

Earlier today One of the Palestinian candidates was barred from running in the upcoming election. Hanin Zoabi was barred for doing what she was mandated to do in the last election, provide a voice for the voiceless in Israel.

The move to ban her came after a petition was submitted to the Central Election Committee by fascist candidate Baruch Marzel. By mid afternoon, he too was barred from running. Both sides of the House, the Right and the ‘Left’ expressed support for the decisions, both fearing that votes would be ‘stolen’ by Zoabi’s candidacy as well as that of Marzel’s. 

Looks good when it backfires in their own face

Looks good when it backfires in their own face

In the previous election Zoabi was also barred from running but the decision was reversed by the Attorney General and the Supreme Court. Hopefully this action will be repeated leaving Marzel out in the cold where he belongs, before going to the depths of a very hot hell.

HaAretz reported the following regarding these decisions ….

Israel Election Updates / Israeli Arab MK Zoabi, rightist Baruch Marzel disqualified from Knesset run

32 days to go: Despite AG’s declaration, Herzog and Livni to support petitions to disqualify Balad MK Haneen Zoabi.

Latest political summary: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that he will not decide on participating in a pre-election debate with other candidates until after he returns from his trip to the U.S.; Israel’s attorney general declares there is no reason to disqualify MK Haneen Zoabi from running for Knesset.

Latest updates:

3:42 P.M. Elections committee disqualifies far-right activist Baruch Marzel from election

Central Elections Committee disqualifies candidacy of rightist Baruch Marzel. The decision will be appealed to High Court.

In response to efforts to end his candidacy, Marzel wrote on Facebook early Thursday that despite opposition of “Arab MKs, friends of the enemy, and their leftist partners,” he “will be in the next Knesset.” (Haaretz)

1:10 P.M. Elections committee disqualifies MK Haneen Zoabi from election

The Central Elections Committee accepted petitions filed by Yisrael Beiteinu and Likud party to disqualify Israeli Arab MK Haneen Zoabi from running for a seat in the next Knesset.

Salim Joubran, who heads the CEC and is the only Arab justice on the panel, condemned committee votes such as this one that are likely to be overturned by the supreme court. “This respects neither the committee, nor the supreme court,” he said.

Israel’s attorney-general earlier advised against disqualifying Zoabi. Although some of her statements were radical and “worrying,” there was insufficient proof that she supported an armed struggle against Israel – grounds for disqualification under Israeli law.

The committee will rule later Thursday on a petition to disqualify rightist Baruch Marzel from running as well. (Jonathan Lis)

11:00 A.M. Zoabi speaks at elections committee hearing to disqualify her candidacy

“Lieberman and Levin use partial quotes to say that I support armed struggle, but they’ve never been able to use any quotes from me to show that I support armed struggle. I’ve been quoted as supporting popular struggle, which I do. Popular struggle as well as international pressure are legitimate methods,” said Zoabi.

“I connect violence to occupation. The occupation is the source of the cycle of blood,” said Zoabi. (Jonathan Lis)

9:30 A.M Zionist Union decides to support bid to disqualify Zoabi

Zionist Union leaders Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni have decided, ultimately, to support the bid to disqualify Balad MK Haneen Zoabi’s candidacy for the Knesset in the upcoming elections. Their decision was made despite Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein’s statement against the disqualification bid.

The petitions to disqualify Zoabi are expected to receive majority support within the Central Elections Committee on Thursday, even without support from the Zionist Union. The Supreme Court, however, is likely to overturn any decision to disqualify Zoabi.

The Zionist Union will also support the disqualification of the extreme right-winger Baruch Marzel. In response to efforts to end his candidacy, Marzel wrote on Facebook that despite opposition of “Arab MKs, friends of the enemy, and their leftist partners,” he “will be in the next Knesset.” (Jonathan Lis)

Zoabi's 'crimes'

Zoabi’s ‘crimes’


Marzel catching up on fascist ideology

Marzel catching up on fascist ideology


An issue finally emerges in Israel’s ‘non-issue’ election campaign … one that both the ‘Left’ and the Right agree on … RACISM.

Be it from the Left or the Right

Be it from the Left or the Right

Zionist Camp reveals its true, racist face

The party that some hoped would defend Israeli democracy from attacks by the right wing has now joined the assault.

Shimon Peres is back, his name is Isaac Herzog. The evil wind of Mapai is also back, it’s called Zionist Camp. Appease, appease, appease everyone; set your sights on the right, only on the right, emulate it, stay away from any courageous step. Sometimes one unfortunate decision is enough to learn how the whole thing works. In the case of Zionist Camp it’s the decision to support the disqualification of MK Haneen Zoabi (Joint List) from running for the Knesset. With a left like this, we don’t need Yisrael Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman anymore; Likud’s Yariv Levin will do just fine.

The only hope that Zionist Camp had managed to create was that at least it would stop the crushing of democracy by the right wing. People like Herzog, MKs Tzipi Livni, Shelly Yacimovich, Merav Michaeli and Stav Shaffir know a thing or two about the dangers to democracy that lurk here. They also know that democracy’s real test is in its attitude to the Arabs and the radical left. Now this last hope has been dashed.

If Zionist Camp disqualifies Zoabi, a brave, authentic and legitimate candidate who hasn’t hurt a fly and who reflects the views of her voters, the Arabs of Israel and lovers of democracy will know: On this issue too, there is no difference between the right wing and this left wing. After Herzog announced that “in the war on terror there is no difference,” now there’s no difference in the war on “Zoabis.” So what do we have this whole camp for? For Manuel Trajtenberg [the economist identified with the 2011 social protests, now on the Zionist Camp ticket]?

The first thing the Arabs of Israel and their representatives in the Knesset must conclude is: No cooperation with Zionist Camp, not during the election and not after it. No voting for it and no recommending to the president that Herzog form the next government. Herzog signed the divorce decree himself, having already announced the exclusion of Joint List from his government. He has to pay the price.

But in its decision, Zionist Camp proved something much deeper and more significant: In Israel of 2015, Zionism and democracy cannot go hand in hand; there is an inner contradiction, inherent and unavoidable, between contemporary Zionism and the rights of Israel’s Arab minority, and there is of course also a deep contradiction between “Jewish” and “democratic.”

From that point of view, Zionist Camp has made a great contribution to the truth: There is no such thing as “Jewish” and “democratic.” In its decision, Zionist Camp has chosen “Jewish” at the expense of “democratic”: Zionist Camp knows that behind the decision to disqualify Zoabi is the transparent desire to remove all the “Zoabis” from the Knesset. There is no such thing as a democracy, where elected officials are prohibited from criticizing, as Zoabi is accused of doing, a member of their own people for serving in a police force that kills other members of their people.

But a party that has chosen to call itself “Zionist Camp,” spitting in the face of the Arabs, some of whom supported it in the past, cannot but back the disqualification of an individual who threatens the Zionist order and challenges Jewish privileges in a distorted democracy. Zoabi should be disqualified, according to Herzog-Livni, because she endangers the tottering ideological structure on which their camp relies, which offers no solution to the Palestinian problem nor an answer for the Arabs of Israel. This camp knows only how to trick and mislead, in the best of its tradition. Livni wants to reach a settlement, but only to realize her dream of a Jewish state, a nationalist dream in every sense of the word. And Herzog only wants more negotiations, so there will be peace and quiet.

Aware of the slight damage the Zionist Camp could incur, it hastened to “balance” its decision: It will also support disqualification of ultra-right-winger Baruch Marzel. This preposterous balance, so typical, is even worse in its hypocrisy. The serial criminal, the violent, convicted thug is to the Zionist Camp comparable to Zoabi, who has never been convicted of anything. But trust Zionist Camp and the Arab sycophants. Soon enough we’ll certainly see Herzog and Livni touring the Arab communities, eatingknafeh, having photo ops with kafiyyeh-wearers and uttering pithy slogans about democracy, peace and equality.

#IsraeliElectionUpdates ~~ THE LEFT IS AS WRONG AS THE RIGHT

Both the left and the right are correct in what they say about each other; but both sides are also mistaken and misleading.

Both sides are equally wrong

Both sides are equally wrong

Continuing with the upcoming ‘non issue’ election, here is the latest from an Op-Ed in today’s Ynet …

The right and left, the right and wrong

 Both the left and the right are correct in what they say about each other; but both sides are also mistaken and misleading.

I really envy those who already know who they will vote for in the Knesset elections in about a month and a half. Electing a government is not just about electing a prime minister and his ministers. From many aspects, it’s almost a matter of life and death.

Both sides, the left and the right, are correct in what they say about each other. But both are also mistaken and lost and misleading. People often quote Israel’s late President Chaim Herzog, who apparently said once that “the trouble in our country is that the left has no heart and the right has no brains.” Is that so? Here’s an interim summary.

The lost ones in the right: They are hanging on to something which is out of this world. God. Faith, a promise that has come down from Heaven. We are the chosen people. The Land of Israel was promised to us in the Book of Books and in its statements. How many times does the word “Jerusalem” appear in the Koran? And in the Bible? We wandered in the Diaspora for 2,000 years and we always dreamed and prayed for Zion.

The right also bases its explanations on facts from the ground: The Arabs have at least 22 countries. The Zionist Movement is the physical embodiment of the Return of Zion. As Jews, we have no other land to safely lay our head on to establish Jewish life. There is no room for two people on the same piece of land. It’s either us or them. The Arabs have lost the wars and the losing side must pay. All the Arabs want and will always want to destroy us. Arab terror will never stop. They are brutal. They will never forgive us. Arabs cannot be trusted. A good Arab is a dead Arab. The IDF will always win and is the best army in the world. The world never loved Jews. We have always done things our way and the world has come to terms with our moves. The world was anyway always against us. Faith is the most important thing. We are right.

And the left? It’s destroying the state. A fifth column. It’s willing to give the Arabs everything. The Arabs will never accept peace. Death to the Arabs and, at the same occasion, to the leftists too. And so on and so forth.

The mistaken ones in the left: We won’t be able to live on this piece of land without peace. Shall the sword devour forever? There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world who will defeat us by the power of their number alone. The world’s countries only have interests, and the Israeli interest is not their main concern. We cannot and are not entitled to control 3.2 million Palestinians who don’t want our rule and are seeking freedom and liberty and the right of self-determination. The occupation is corrupting us. the Arabs want peace. It’s a fact that our peace with Egypt has lasted for more than 35 years. Our peace with Jordan is 20 years old. Even if some of the Arabs want to destroy us, the majority of Arabs recognize our military power and are deterred by it. The Arabs dream of peace and fight for peace. Only few engage in Arab terror.

After we return the territories as part of a peace agreement, Arab terror will die out. The Arabs also want to rest and want peace and tranquility for their children. The Israelis stole their lands in the War of Independence and the following years, and built dozens of settlements on lands which belonged to the Arabs. They should be returned. The world’s nations does not approve of an Israeli government in the territories. We are losing whatever legitimacy we have left in the world. The world is no longer doing us a favor following the Holocaust, and sees the Palestinians as its subsequent victims.

That’s enough. It reminds me of the joke about the husband and his wife who got into a fight and went to see the town’s rabbi, who ruled that the husband was right and that the wife was also right. And when the caretaker asked how it was possible that they were both right, the rabbi said: You’re also right.

This shabby and worn-out joke would make us laugh if it weren’t on us.


The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this website.


Herr Lieberman and his cronies organised free distribution of a recent issue of Charlie Hebdo in Israel ….


Their plans were put to rest when one of the Palestinian Members of Knesset, Ahmad Tibi, appealed this decision to the Central Elections Committee.

Lieberman’s party activists responded with “We were astounded to learn that the Central Elections Committee acceded to MK Ahmad Tibi’s request to stop the distribution of copies of Charlie Hebdo,” the petition read. “This is a serious blow to the freedom of expression. It’s capitulation to radical Islamic terrorism and its representatives in the Knesset.”


Suddenly, when their own hateful activities are at risk it is a serious blow to the freedom of expression.  


It’s OK to petition against a Palestinian Member of Knesset, Hanin Zoabi, from being allowed to run again in the upcoming election.

Fascism has no limits as can be seen in the following report. (click on link to read)

Yisrael Beytenu protests ban on Charlie Hebdo distribution in Israel


Jewish Israelis living in perpetual denial should take note when they head to their polling booths this March, for their sake if not for ours. The looming fork in the road for us is signposted “Palestinian Statehood” or “Civil Rights for All.” While the idea of the former is dispensable, the coming of the latter is inevitable.




Israel pretends its society is a normal, US-style melting pot, but there are only two problems – there is nothing remotely “normal” about Israeli’s societal composition and, furthermore, the pot’s ingredients, by policy design, have yet to melt. The destructive societal divisions amongst Israel’s population shines through during every election; this time around is no different. While Israel’s nearly five-decade military occupation of Palestinians is slowly, but surely, ripping Israel out of its global comfort zone, not one electoral contender has peeped a word about how the occupation will come to an end.

Likewise, while racism inside Israel against Christian and Muslim Palestinians—full Israeli citizens—has reached levels provoking even some Jewish Israelis to call it fascism, Israel’s political parties are acting as if it’s business-as-usual. The only bold and somewhat refreshing electoral move, thus far, is Avraham Burg’s joining of the Hadash Political Party, and even there the debate immediately focused around Palestinian political parties running in a single slate, or not, instead of the seismic shift that Burg’s move represents amongst Israel’s Zionist personalities.

Bottom line for us Palestinians ‘living’ under Israel’s boot of occupation: Historically, in the USA and many other places, when a population is long disenfranchised, unrest ensues, forcing greater equality.

Jewish Israelis living in perpetual denial should take note when they head to their polling booths this March, for their sake if not for ours. The looming fork in the road for us is signposted “Palestinian Statehood” or “Civil Rights for All.” While the idea of the former is dispensable, the coming of the latter is inevitable.

~Sam Bahour

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Ya'think anyone would hire us?

Ya’think anyone would hire us?

Remember this from a few months ago?

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres goes Job Hunting in Hilarious Parody Video

Former Israeli president Shimon Peres has starred in a parody video released by his office this week, in which he acts as though he is looking for a new job.

In the video, written by his granddaughter, the 91-year old Peres, who has been in public service for 70 years, is seen trying his luck as a supermarket cashier, a pizza delivery man and a gas station worker, while still attempting to promote Middle East peace.

“Go in peace! It’s the only solution,” Peres tells a driver after filling his car.

“A nation that never loses hope gives tips and does not take them,” he says to a customer who forgets to give him a tip for pizza delivery.

The video, which is currently being shared via social media, made its debut at the annual Atlantic Council conference in New York City, according to Peres’s office.

It added that the former Israeli president would continue “to serve the State of Israel through education for coexistence, promoting democracy in the Middle East, and supporting Israeli technology, all through the diverse work of the Peres Center for Peace”.

Now, in preparation for losing the upcoming election, his fellow war criminal is at the same game …

Need a Baby-Sitter? Bibi’s

Your Man

It looks like Benjamin Netanyahu has a new career path lined up — you know, in case the Israeli elections don’t pan out.

A new campaign ad released Saturday shows a couple getting ready for a night on the town. The doorbell rings. It’s the baby-sitter. Or is it?

“You asked for a babysitter, you got a Bibi-sitter,” says a smirking Netanyahu. “Where are the children?”

The parents, understandably confused as to what their country’s prime minister is doing at their door, ask Bibi why he should be the one to watch over their children.

It’s either me, or Tzipi and Bougie,” he replies, referring to Zionist Camp’s Tzipi Livni and Issac Herzog. Oh, no! Not them. The parents shake their heads, demonstrating their mistrust.

Herzog needs his own baby-sitter, the dad jokes. Zing. And Livni? “By the time you get back she’ll probably go over to the neighbors,” Netanyahu quips back. (Livni has skipped to and from four political parties).

The ad conspicuously shows no children. Netanyahu’s previous campaign ad, which showed him as the only adult in a kindergarten class full of children named after Israeli political leaders (subtle, Bibi, real subtle), was banned by the Central Election Committee. Showing children under 15 for political gain is a no-no.







Another non issue circulating in the Israeli election arena ….

The only issue being why a candidate belonging to an outlawed terrorist organisation is even allowed to run for the Knesset in the first place.

The tale follows … as found in my ziocrap file

Most surveys show that Yishai’s party will earn enough votes, with the help of Marzel’s die-hard supporters, for Marzel to enter the Knesset.

Needless to say, MOST of the Israeli electorate did not participate in any of those imaginary surveys.

The Lost Phone and Why Arabs Fear Baruch Marzel

Baruch Marzel of Hevron is number 4 on Ha’am Itanu’s list, and one story going around explains how he’s viewed in his hometown.

With the entry of Hevron loyalist and activist Baruch Marzel into the Knesset election race, a story of his “correct” relations with his Arab neighbors in Hevron has been making the rounds.

Marzel’s daughter Racheli, 16 years old at the time of the story, had lost her cell phone. As is customary, she dialed the number to see if it would be answered, and  possibly the phone could be recovered.

In this case, however, an Arab man answered the line, and explained that he would be glad to return the phone – for a payment of 1,000 shekels (over $250). The young owner, who grew up in a house where “fear of Arabs” was not readily tolerated, reportedly shot back, “I wouldn’t give you money even if you cleaned my house for a month!”

She then added the kicker: “I’ll just let my father, Baruch Marzel, take care of this.”

At this point, the “finder” changed his tune. Though Racheli had hung up, he called her back several times, offering to return the phone free of charge. “I don’t want any trouble with Marzel,” he reportedly said. “He’s like your Sheikh. I don’t want any money, I’ll return the phone to where I found it, just take it! I don’t want a curse on me!”

Young Ms. Marzel was not impressed, and hung up.

Finally, in desperation, the Arab brought the phone in person to the Hevron police station, saying he had found it. The police were so surprised – they later said that it had never happened before that an Arab had returned a lost phone – that they suspected that the phone had been booby-trapped – and they detonated it in a controlled explosion. No explosives had been placed in the phone.

Baruch Marzel himself had a simple explanation for what happened: “This just shows that the Arabs of Hevron respect those who stand up for themselves, and they scorn those who are weak. We in Hevron live amongst a large Arab majority without fences and without protection – the Arabs respect our strong stand, but look down on the leftists who come to pander to them.”

Baruch Marzel is number four on the party list of Eli Yishai (Yachad – Ha’am Itanu). He has run for Knesset in the past, but did not succeed. He gave up a fair chance for a seat two elections ago when he allowed Dr. Michael Ben-Ari – considered by some as less “extreme” – to take his place on the National Union party list.

Ben-Ari returned the favor just last week when, apparently considered too “extreme” by Eli Yishai, he agreed to have Marzel run instead of him.

Most surveys show that Yishai’s party will earn enough votes, with the help of Marzel’s die-hard supporters, for Marzel to enter the Knesset.

HERE you can read a short bio of the American born Israeli fascist

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