Jon Stewart hammers Republicans on Iran letter: They’re ‘f*cking cuckoo bananas’

Daily Show host Jon Stewart argued on Tuesday that the letter from 47 Senate Republicans to Iranian leaders wasn’t to warn them about striking a nuclear agreement with President Barack Obama — it was really a warning about the GOP. “‘You may be able to get Obama to construct …


It’s like a Larry David production

Larry David

Larry David

The major stars

The major stars

Debating the 'issues'

Debating the ‘issues’

HaAretz's latest poll

HaAretz’s latest poll


The campaign trail on the other side of the pond

The campaign trail on the other side of the pond


Campaign in full swing in the Israeli District of Washington, DC

Campaign in full swing in the Israeli District of Washington, DC


Congress loved Bibi's speech

Congress loved Bibi’s speech


As did AIPAC the day before

As did AIPAC the day before


The rafters almost came down from the excitement

The rafters almost came down from the excitement


Mayhem in the streets of Washington and Tel Aviv after the speech

Mayhem in the streets of Washington and Tel Aviv after the speech

The worst part is that Bibi is making a joke out of it … instead of putting forth a program, his game is to attack the opposition … Sound familiar? 


Hillary played the same game in 2008 …

But that hasn’t stopped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and two of his challengers from copying it.

No matter who wins, the American taxpayer loses :(

No matter who wins, the American taxpayer loses :(

...........From an earlier post ...


When most of the major players refuse to raise issues, what else could be expected?

As things stand now, the only losers in the upcoming election will be the electorate themselves.

Anyone thinking that Pretty Boy Lapid or War Criminal Livni would make a difference is barking up the wrong tree.


Considering the fact that he's paying for the election, he has a right to interfere ;) From

Considering the fact that he’s paying for the election, he has a right to interfere ;)

...........From Reuters via Ynet

Netanyahu says sees ‘worldwide’ effort to topple him

‘Nothing is guaranteed because there is a huge, worldwide effort to topple the Likud government,’ says prime minister.



And here is what he didn’t say to Congress

The real reason for the trip …

Shocker! Benjamin Netanyahu Uses Speech to Congress in Campaign Ad

‘Non-Partisan’ Claim Out Window as Election Crunchtime Arrives


Despite denials that his speech to Congress was a bid to boost his party in national elections in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s party released a campaign ad showing him being applauded by congressmen.

The 80-second ad released Thursday comes as polls show Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party trailing the opposition Zionist Union by between three and five seats in Israel’s Knesset following the elections.

The ad shows Netanyahu speaking in the House Chamber and shows at least one of his standing ovations from members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. It juxtaposes scenes of Netanyahu speaking to Knesset, panning the empty seats of his opposition, to scenes of what appear to be a full House chamber and wild applause.

At least 60 congressmen boycotted the speech, citing, among other reasons, its taking place March 3, exactly two weeks before the Israeli elections. Netanyahu and his defenders said the preeminent reason for the speech was the urgency opposing Iran nuclear talks backed by President Barack Obama. The deadline for an outline of an agreement in the talks is March 24.

Netanyahu spoke at the invitation of the House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who in a breach of protocol did not consult the White House, congressional Democrats or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. No Obama administration officials attended the speech, and Vice President Joe Biden, who conventionally co-chairs such events with the House speaker, was out of the country.

Obama declined to meet with Netanyahu while he was in Washington, also citing the proximity of Israel’s national elections.

How AlJazeera views Bibi’s ads …

Netanyahu under fire over election campaign ads


He might have believed his speech was the best campaigning ever …. but his opposition is cashing in on it …


The Emporer's Nuke Clothes Image by Katie Miranda

The Emporer’s Nuke Clothes
Image by Katie Miranda


You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Abraham Lincoln

Just remember, he did not speak for me or most of Israel

Just remember, he did not speak for me or most of Israel

“After my short visit to the United States, I return to Israel knowing that many around the world heard what Israel has to say about the impending deal with Iran.”

Netanyahu Returns to Israel ‘Knowing Israel Has Been Heard’

Prime Minister lands back in Israel following speech to Congress on the dangers of a ‘bad deal’ with Iran.

Following his high-profile speech to Congress last night, Prime MinisterBinyamin Netanyahu returned to Israel Wednesday.

In a statement shortly after landing, Netanyahu said he was satisfied with his address and its reception.

“After my short visit to the United States, I return to Israel knowing that many around the world heard what Israel has to say about the impending deal with Iran,” he said in a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office.

In an apparent response to claims by US President Barack Obama that his speech did not offer “practical alternatives” to the deal with Iran currently under discuss, the prime minister added: “In my speech before theCongress, I presented a practical alternative, which would impose tougher restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program, extending Iran’s breakout time by years.

“I also called on the P5+1 to insist on a deal that would link the lifting of those restrictions to Iran’s ceasing its sponsorship of terrorism around the world, its aggression against its neighbors and its calls for Israel’s destruction.”

The responses he received were positive, he emphasized – from both sides of the isle.

“I heard encouraging responses from both Democrats and Republicans. They understood that the current proposal would lead to a bad deal and that the alternative is a better deal.”

The above is the extreme right viewpoint FROM

A more realistic view is presented by Jon Stewart

Bibi’s Congress Reception Was ‘Longest Blowjob a Jewish Man Has Ever Received’

The Editors at Mondoweiss added the following humour as well …. Click  HERE  to see report

Factchecking Netanyahu: An annotated guide to the Israeli P.M.’s speech to Congress


Spoof by Latuff

Read about it in THIS post

Read about it in THIS post

Just look at their residence …. it’s in a shambles.

No one should have to live like this …


Thank goodness they have a place to move to after the election…

The Netanyahus have an additional, private home of their own in Caesarea

The Netanyahu family home in Caesarea.

The Netanyahu family home in Caesarea.

Netanyahus Show Off their Decrepit Home

Ahead of the Comptroller’s report on spending, a tour of the PM’s residence shows its embarrassing state.

The tour revealed a somewhat dilapidated house, with some features that have apparently not been renovated since the 1950s, when the house – built in the 1930s for a Greek-Jewish financier – was purchased by the Israeli government.

The video produced by Glamin begins with a “selfie” with Prime MinisterNetanyahu in the foyer. Sarah then joins the designer, and points out a carpet that was bought, she said, for President Barack Obama’s visit. The carpet that preceded this one, she explained, had very large holes in it, and once the Prime Minister asked a security man to stand on top of one of the holes in order to hide it, during an official visit by a foreign leader.

(video is in Hebrew, but worth watching)

After viewing Sarah’s work room, in which heads of state sometimes confer before press conferences, the pair proceed through another room to the living room, where mismatched sofas surround a low glass table. The sofas, explains Sarah, were only approved for the visit by the French President, which followed Obama’s. The sofas that were in place during Obama’s visit had holes in them.

The dining room has broken glass lampshades on a track light fixture, and Netanyahu explains that in order to fix or replace any item, bureaucratic hurdles must be surmounted. From there they proceed to the Prime Minister’s work room, in which Glamin is shocked to find mold on the curtains and a moisture problem in a corner, which causes the paint to peel.

More dampness and peeling walls can be seen in the patio, and next to it is a yard with no grass. Glamin jokingly suggests that every guest who visits the house be asked to bring a square meter of grass, to gradually fill up the yard.

Glamin is positively petrified, however, when he enters the kitchen. “This doesn’t look real,” he explains. “This looks like the kitchen of a boarding school in Romania, in 1954.” He winds up the tour by confessing that he is disappointed by how the home looks – but has enjoyed Sarah’s company.

The Prime Minister’s Office insisted that the tour was held at Glamin’s initiative. Glamin says that he did not allow the Netanyahus to be involved in the editing of the video.

There is little doubt, however, that the video tour was initiated in order to balance out any criticism that will appear in the Comptroller’s report. The media has hounded Sarah Netanyahu for years with claims that she spends too much on pistachio ice cream, among other things, and that she is mean and petty toward the residence’s staff.

The Netanyahus have an additional, private home of their own in Caesarea.


From my ziocrap file


Here’s the reason why …

Bombshell report details excessive spending by prime minister

Political firestorm as comptroller says Netanyahus spent too much on food, cleaning at homes in Jerusalem, Caesarea; finds faulty administrative practices


Ya’think if I tell Congress that I won’t accept their 30 Billion Dollar$ next year they will bomb Iran?

unnamed (11)
Look who is coming to hear my speech …. it means allot when a Nobel Peace Prize recipient supports my calls for another war.

Elie Wiesel to attend Netanyahu speech to Congress

In full-page ad, Nobel Prize winner expresses firm support for ‘keeping weapons from those who preach death to Israel and America’


Full report HERE


The following  jibberish is from my favourite Mossad news agency, MEMRI … it is quite amusing.

In a recent TV show, Algerian cleric Chemseddine el Djazairi said, in response to a viewer’s question: “Contemporary Jews are of the seed of Adam, not of the apes and pigs, because the line of those transformed into apes and pigs was severed.” The show aired on the Algerian Ennahar TV on February 8, 2015.


Stewart has repeatedly been accused of being a self hating Jew and/or a rabid anti zionist, …


… the announcement of his retirement seems to irk many a zionist as can be seen in the following

Jon Stewart quitting “The Daily Show” is bad for the Jews. It’s bad for the Muslims. It’s bad for the entire Middle East.

‘You just can’t please everyone

most of the time’

Why Losing Jon Stewart Hurts the Middle East

By Sigal Samuel

Jon Stewart and Bassem Youssef on “The Daily Show” / Youtube

Jon Stewart and Bassem Youssef on “The Daily Show” / Youtube

Jon Stewart quitting “The Daily Show” is bad for the Jews. It’s bad for the Muslims. It’s bad for the entire Middle East.

If you want to know why, just watch this clip of the real Jon Stewart joking around with “Egypt’s Jon Stewart,” Bassem Youssef. It aired shortly before Jon announced his decision to leave the show, and it revolves around a simple question: What can America do to fix the Middle East?

Bassem’s answer is simple, too: “How about — nothing!”

Jon plays devil’s advocate, arguing, “If the people choose the wrong government, we’ll help them get it right. Some boots on the ground, some advisers.” Which, of course, sets Bassem up to explain just what’s wrong with America’s interventionist foreign policy.

But then Bassem takes it one step further — by laughing at himself, at his own argument, at his own people. He provides that dash of self-deprecation without which comedy fails to be, you know, comedic (Israel’s totally unfunny “Hakol Shafit” is a good example of this).

“We want you to f—k off and leave us alone,” Bassem says. “But not right away. We could still use the aid money, and a few weapons, and some investments… What I’m saying is, if you could f—k gradually off, that would be better for everybody.”

This is Middle East comedy at its best: an unflinching look at the catch-22s and double standards that plague both — no, all — sides.

And who’s been providing the mechanism for this comedy for over 15 years? Jon, of course. He’s been providing it not only in the U.S., but also in places like Egypt, where he inspired Bassem to start his own wildly popular satire show that began as a Middle Eastern riff on “The Daily Show.”

Every week, Bassem took to TV to wittily eviscerate the top leaders of the Arab world, and endear himself hugely to the Arab public (40 million viewers!). But then Sisi came to power in Egypt — and, sadly, the dissenters went the way of the Pharaohs.

In many ways, it was Jon Stewart who modeled this dissent.

He’s fought funnily and vociferously against the idea that “questioning in any way the effectiveness or humanity of Israel’s policies” automatically makes you an anti-Israel self-hating Jew:

And he’s memorably pointed out some of the absurdities of the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel (“We cannot be Israel’s rehab sponsor and its drug dealer!”):

But ultimately, his greatest achievement may have been giving others the comedic tools to do the same sort of thing wherever they might find themselves.

With Jon gone, it will soon be up to others to fill his shoes — and they will be big, big shoes to fill. Yet if there’s anything comforting in Jon’s departure, it’s the knowledge that he’s already set others up to do just that.


Stewart announced his retirement from the Daily Show this week. He will be sorely missed as will his hilarious interpretations of world events …

Jon Stewart hilariously rips Netanyahu, Republicans, and Obama over the speech fight

The controversy over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s invitation to speak to Congress, which Democrats see as a Republican ploy to undermine President Obama’s negotiations with Iran, is tragicomic. But the mess of behind the scenes bickering and childish insults are, improbably, threatening both US-Israeli relations and the very delicate international effort to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis.

So naturally, Jon Stewart is the perfect person to take on this ridiculous mess, which he did during Thursday night’s episode of The Daily Show.

“One of our closest foreign allies is taking sides with Republicans against a Democratic president, which creates a major conundrum for Democrats,” Stewart said. “I’m reminded of a similar situation, faced by an Israeli king renowned for his wisdom.”

Stewart also laid into the Obama administration’s excuse for not meeting with Netanyahu when he visits — that the president didn’t want to be seen as “meddling” in Israeli politics (Israel’s elections are two weeks after the March 3 speech).

“Yes, yes!” Stewart said. “America doesn’t wanna meddle in a Middle Eastern nation’s domestic politics. I mean, we don’t do that!”

He then ran through a list of nearby countries America has, in fact, meddled with: Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Turkey.

“Unless, obviously, a country wanted to nationalize its own oil industry, or looked likely to ally with a rival superpower, or was fighting a proxy war against some other country we didn’t like, or would let us put military bases in their country, or send prisoners to their country, or was next to a country we wanted to spy on, or fight with.”

“But aside from these very rare instance,” Stewart concluded, “we do not meddle with Middle Eastern nations.”

Stewart also tackled a topic he’s handled really well before: how hard it is to have a real conversation about issues related to Israel, even on his show.

“I don’t want to talk about how petty this is,” he said. “We’re going to have to talk about it, which means we’re going to have to talk about Israel, and whenever we do we get…phone calls.”


If this is the best the GOP has to offer we’re in BIG trouble …

There is nothing more sacrilegious than a sitting New Jersey governor cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, and when Chris Christie did such an evil thing last month, a Jersey radio host got his revenge. During 94WIP’s annual Wing Bowl, The Morning Show‘s Angelo Cataldi released video from a June interview his show did with Christie, in which the governor completely missed his chair and fell flat onto his backside.

According to 94WIP, Cataldi was “appalled” by Christie’s Judasing of the Dallas Cowboys, and took it one step further during Wing Bowl by bringing in a Christie lookalike, as well as a doppelganger of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Both were vociferously booed.

Sports talk radio, ladies and gentlemen.

And here he is at his best …. it’s no wonder that the Daily Show loves him as much as they do ;)

Watch Jon Stewart Call Chris Christie A D**k!

Click HERE to watch


Ya'think anyone would hire us?

Ya’think anyone would hire us?

Remember this from a few months ago?

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres goes Job Hunting in Hilarious Parody Video

Former Israeli president Shimon Peres has starred in a parody video released by his office this week, in which he acts as though he is looking for a new job.

In the video, written by his granddaughter, the 91-year old Peres, who has been in public service for 70 years, is seen trying his luck as a supermarket cashier, a pizza delivery man and a gas station worker, while still attempting to promote Middle East peace.

“Go in peace! It’s the only solution,” Peres tells a driver after filling his car.

“A nation that never loses hope gives tips and does not take them,” he says to a customer who forgets to give him a tip for pizza delivery.

The video, which is currently being shared via social media, made its debut at the annual Atlantic Council conference in New York City, according to Peres’s office.

It added that the former Israeli president would continue “to serve the State of Israel through education for coexistence, promoting democracy in the Middle East, and supporting Israeli technology, all through the diverse work of the Peres Center for Peace”.

Now, in preparation for losing the upcoming election, his fellow war criminal is at the same game …

Need a Baby-Sitter? Bibi’s

Your Man

It looks like Benjamin Netanyahu has a new career path lined up — you know, in case the Israeli elections don’t pan out.

A new campaign ad released Saturday shows a couple getting ready for a night on the town. The doorbell rings. It’s the baby-sitter. Or is it?

“You asked for a babysitter, you got a Bibi-sitter,” says a smirking Netanyahu. “Where are the children?”

The parents, understandably confused as to what their country’s prime minister is doing at their door, ask Bibi why he should be the one to watch over their children.

It’s either me, or Tzipi and Bougie,” he replies, referring to Zionist Camp’s Tzipi Livni and Issac Herzog. Oh, no! Not them. The parents shake their heads, demonstrating their mistrust.

Herzog needs his own baby-sitter, the dad jokes. Zing. And Livni? “By the time you get back she’ll probably go over to the neighbors,” Netanyahu quips back. (Livni has skipped to and from four political parties).

The ad conspicuously shows no children. Netanyahu’s previous campaign ad, which showed him as the only adult in a kindergarten class full of children named after Israeli political leaders (subtle, Bibi, real subtle), was banned by the Central Election Committee. Showing children under 15 for political gain is a no-no.



Always good for a laugh in the worst of situations ….

Now THIS is satire



Now for a serious look at the situation as seen be Chris Hedges


  Broken pens were placed in a pool of simulated blood Friday outside the French Consulate in Istanbul in memory of the victims of the shooting at the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. AP/Emrah Gurel

Broken pens were placed in a pool of simulated blood Friday outside the French Consulate in Istanbul in memory of the victims of the shooting at the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. AP/Emrah Gurel

A Message From the Dispossessed

Chris Hedges

The terrorist attack in France that took place at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was not about free speech. It was not about radical Islam. It did not illustrate the fictitious clash of civilizations. It was a harbinger of an emerging dystopia where the wretched of the earth, deprived of resources to survive, devoid of hope, brutally controlled, belittled and mocked by the privileged who live in the splendor and indolence of the industrial West, lash out in nihilistic fury.

We have engineered the rage of the dispossessed. The evil of predatory global capitalism and empire has spawned the evil of terrorism. And rather than understand the roots of that rage and attempt to ameliorate it, we have built sophisticated mechanisms of security and surveillance, passed laws that permit the targeted assassinations and torture of the weak, and amassed modern armies and the machines of industrial warfare to dominate the world by force. This is not about justice. It is not about the war on terror. It is not about liberty or democracy. It is not about the freedom of expression. It is about the mad scramble by the privileged to survive at the expense of the poor. And the poor know it.

If you spend time as I have in Gaza, Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt and Sudan, as well as the depressing, segregated housing projects known as banlieues that ring French cities such as Paris and Lyon, warehousing impoverished North African immigrants, you begin to understand the brothers Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, who were killed Friday in a gun battle with French police. There is little employment in these pockets of squalor. Racism is overt. Despair is rampant, especially for the men, who feel they have no purpose. Harassment of immigrants, usually done by police during identity checks, is almost constant. Police once pulled a North African immigrant, for no apparent reason, off a Paris Metro subway car I was riding in and mercilessly beat him on the platform. French Muslims make up 60 to 70 percent of the prison population in France. Drugs and alcohol beckon like sirens to blunt the pain of poor Muslim communities.


Continue reading AT


Be sure to see yesterday’s post



Tis would be funny if it wasn't true :(

This would be funny if it wasn’t true :(


At sundown last night, Vice President Joe Biden lit the first candle of the National Chanukah Menorah in Washington.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden at the annual lighting of the National Hanukkah Menorah in Washington, December 16, 2014. Photo by Reuters

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden at the annual lighting of the National Hanukkah Menorah in Washington, December 16, 2014. Photo by Reuters

He was quoted as saying “The central Jewish notion of religious freedom, of safety in your land, of being treated with dignity in your own community, not only led to the creation of modern Israel but it also formed the bedrock of the United States of America,” Biden said. “Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it is fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage.”

BUT …..

What about this

year’s National


The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene 
at Capital Hill this Christmas season. 

This isn’t for any religious reason. They simply have not been 
able to find Three Wise Men in the Nation’s Capital.

The search for a Virgin continues. 

There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.


What Would Jesus Say ?

(Not meant to offend anyone)

Getting back to reality ~~ The following essay by Michael Rivero is a must read …. (Click on link)



Parties who vehemently disagree on a range of issues are uniting, at least in rhetoric, in their call to unseat the prime minister.

Why is everybody always picking on me?

Why is everybody always picking on me?





‘Committed to your spiritual safety': El Al safety video parody …..

Jewish-American comedy writers Levinson Brothers post satirical in-flight safety video in wake of recent incidents of flight delays due to refusal of Haredi passengers’ to sit next to women.


“Gentlemen, and unfortunately, ladies,” the announcement featured in a satirical in-flight safety video by Jewish-American comedy writers Stephen and Joel Levinson begins. The parody of El Al’s flight safety video presents guidelines for passengers, following recent cases in which flights were delayed after ultra-orthodox Jewish men refused to take their seats next to women.

In one of the latest of such incidents, which was first published by Ynet, passengers aboard an El Al flight from New York to Israel described their trip as an “11-hour long nightmare” due to disruptions caused by Haredi travelers during the flight.

According to the passengers who were on the plane, their fellow ultra-Orthodox travelers refused to sit next to women prior to the takeoff, which not only delayed the flight, but caused actual chaos to ensue on the plane.

Tablet, the Jewish online magazine that posted the video in question, mentioned the recent cases in which Haredi passengers demanded that secular travelers change seats, and added that “to help the airline better articulate its policies, and to educate passengers on what they might expect on their 11-hour journey to the Holy Land, we turned to our friends the Levinson Brothers, who produced an in-flight safety video El Al could screen as passengers board at JFK airport.”


It's all our fault!

It’s all our fault!


Impeccable references …

Hand picked by Netanyahu to serve as Israel’s last President …




Supported every act of terror and genocide committed by him without hesitation …


I was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize


Two war criminals share a moment

Two war criminals share a moment


Crossed the Knesset floor to sit with Ariel Sharon, the butcher of Beirut …





There is a Peace Centre named after me


Oxymoron extrodanaire

Oxymoron extraordinaire


As I enter the 100th decade of my life, I now seek employment as my life in government is now over …. Any suggestions would be welcome.



Feel free to add your own favourites and pass this on …




Dear Lord:
This past year has been tough.

You’ve taken my favorite actor, James Garner; my favorite actress, Lauren Bacall; my favorite comedian, Robin Williams; and finally, my favorite author, Tom Clancy.

I just wanted You to know that my favorite politicians are: Bibi Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman, Mahmoud Abbas, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and  Hillary Clinton.


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